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Mint-Cilantro-Chili Yogurt Sauce

So many kinds of chili peppers. What’s a good way to try them out? This from Patricia Gadsby with the Falmouth Farmers’ Market. It offers a way to explore the flavor and heat of chili peppers in measured amounts – a little or a lot – all in the same recipe. 239 more words

Chili Peppers

Man arrested for 'throwing chilli powder into eyes of Whole Foods customers'

A 59-year-old man has been arrested for allegedly running around a Whole Foods supermarket throwing large amounts of powdered cayenne chilli powder at customers.

Eric Bertrand has been charged with seven separate indictments for assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, namely the chilli powder and a shod foot. 93 more words


Sunday Papers 7-6-2014

I’ve mentioned over and over again to friends that I could not believe, of find it hard to believe, that a morbidly obese body is supported by a regular-size skeleton, but this is, of course, the case and proven by science. 161 more words



There are times in anyones life that they do something daft. Now come on, don’t deny it; there is something that you’ve done in the past which you look back on with more than a sense of embarrassment. 627 more words

Oh What a Spring! ... and Summer is Here!

We’ve had a crazy busy spring, and things are set for a very busy summer and fall. Where to start?

  • How about Facebook? … it’s our new portal for short, quick updates about activities on the farm.
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Chili Peppers

Rainy Day Dynamite Sticks


It’s been a busy week with work, friends, rain, and what-not and it feels awesome to be able to snuggle under the covers wearing ratty old pyjamas and write a new blog post because it’s basically what I do on days off being the introvert that I am. 352 more words