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Me and Sriracha (And it has something to do with Vietnam)

I was a sriracha hot sauce fan before you! Is that what Americans are yelling these days. It seem’s that Huy Fong’s delectable hot sauce, Sriracha, named after a place in Thailand where the hot sauce originated, is the condiment of choice for America – certainly the condiment of the decade. 367 more words


Thai-style Lettuce Wraps

Thai-style Lettuce Wraps: devoured.

Did you know that when your chefiance asks you what you’re in the mood for and you say “lettuce wraps” that you will actually be scarfing-down-in-the-most-lady-like-way-possible said lettuce wraps later that evening? 537 more words


Oso Pepper Company: A spicy success!

Back in 2008 when Myra and Vincent Verret decided to start a garden, they never imagined that it would “grow” from a hobby into a business. 194 more words

Beef Brisket for Fall Meals

Beef Brisket for Fall Meals

I like beef brisket for slow cooker days.  It comes out very tender and there are leftovers. My two favorite recipes call for alcohol.   364 more words

Picture a chilly night that caps off a long day of either fun or work. You’re hungry. You’re short on time and you need a dish that will make people sit up and notice that the day is not yet over and there is still fun and flavor to be had. 430 more words

Parsley Noodles

Experiment Today is Parsley Noodles. Combined with red sauce that made from coarsely ground dried red chili plus other ingredients.

In the first experiment I did not expect much to be perfect, but it turned out good too. 360 more words

Pasta And Noodles

Cranberry Chili Sauce Meatballs "Bear Bites"

Hope you like the video for the first installment of the college cooking survival series.   It’s a simple recipe for yummy meatballs and mashed potatoes.  Cheap, easy, and delicious!   359 more words