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Mango- og avocadosalat (serves 2)

1 large mango
1 avocado
1/2 red bellpepper (paprika)
1/2 chili (depending on taste)
1 dl boiled quinoa
3 big handfulls of ruccola salad
2 tbs sesameseeds… 68 more words


SCALE SCOVILLE: spiciness of chili

The scale scoville indicates the amount of capsaicin equivalent contained in chilies, these fruits of the species Capsicum contain capsaicinoids, stimulators of receptors hot, located on the tongue, and this causes the sensation of “burning”. 158 more words


Chili Pepper by Slice: New Favorite Lunch Spot!

Turning vegan has had more ups than down, and I’ve really been enjoying it. One thing that has been a little difficult to deal with tho was going out for a meal with friends. 163 more words


Super Bowl 2015 Menu

Super Bowl fun happening on Sunday. Food is at the top of the list. Here are a few top recipe ideas for your Superbowl Menu! 15 more words


Super Danger-Russ Chili

Looking for that new recipe for Super Bowl chili that will be distinctive and different, but memorable in a good way? Look no further. Here’s your recipe. 265 more words


Under the Weather

We made it through Monday! Hopefully everyone had a great start to their week. I started to feel a little sick yesterday, with sinus problems and a sore throat. 290 more words

Weight Loss

[393/441] On the one hand...

I find it interesting how there can be so many dualities that appear in life… and you end up choosing the “A” when the “B” is indicated, or vice-versa.   473 more words