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[remix] All We Are - Feel Safe (Eyedress remix)

Eyedress just made a sweet and darker remix of the catchy tune “Feel Safe” by All We Are.

You can also download the mp3 directly on the… 26 more words


[song] The Knocks - Savior

Today’s treat for the mindless: “Savior” by The Knocks. A bewitching tune that had most of my listens this week.

I’ve always thought I talked too much about music, and this is just a song, so I will let it speak for itself. 8 more words


#XI - Lovecraft ft. Sundays

#XI is a normcore duo from Vioiv, Chinatown. The duo has a salacious sound that, oddly enough, allows you to chill the fuck out amidst life’s chaos. 87 more words


[Free Download] Jaymes Young - Habits of My Heart (Sufjan Stevens Remake)

The first time you listen to “Habits of My Heart” by Jaymes Young, its simplicity seems to be the first thing that comes to mind. 134 more words


Phox - "Laura (Oh, Girl)" : 55 Days To Shaky Knees!

We continue our countdown to Shaky Knees Music Festival with this dreamy number from Phox.

This six piece from Wisconsin is full of personality and talent, and you can get a pre-festival glimpse of their awesomeness when they open for Typhoon on Monday 3/17, at Terminal West!   35 more words

Tim Sweetwood

Kkaytoh - Ice Wine & Stories

Some relaxing chill wave hip hop in the afternoon. Kkaytoh recently released his first full length album for Roots of Society Records, Cavernous Dreams. You can download/stream the album here: kkaytoh.bandcamp.com/album/cavernous-dreams


Chill Wave Is the New New Age

I don’t normally buy into generational arguments, but I have a theory that chillwave is a result of millennial anxiety around unstable social circumstances. Rough economy, hard to get jobs, and the ones you get are low-paying with seemingly little room for upward mobility. 73 more words