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Day 87

At the rate i’m going, I’m going to get to a hundred days before I know it!.  I was looking at the calendar today and in two days time i’ll have been doing this diet for exactly three months.   266 more words

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Chilli: how hot can YOU handle?

Chris Fowler at Riverside Market

Some like it hot. The Welsh like it hotter. Take a look at the hottest chilli sauce around. But be warned … this is not for the faint hearted. 229 more words

Korean sweet chilli beef

I say this is Korean but it’s more of a hotch-potch of Asian flavours, from China to Japan, and from Thailand to Korea. Quite a few Korean dishes can be topped with a fried egg and as this one is I chose to call it Korean Sweet Chilli Beef. 342 more words


Sichuan Beef

This one has a similar feel to the Mongolian Beef dish but with a few more veggies and a lot more kick to it. Whilst the Mongolian Beef is a meal that makes you pause to savour each mouthful, the Sichuan Beef is definitely more of a ‘shovel-it-all-in-at-once-nom-nom-nom-nom-NOM!’ kind of meal. 204 more words


(Cua Sốt Ớt) Fried Crabs with Chili Sauce

I found this awesome recipe on
Click on link if you want the recipe with detailed pics of each step. :-) enjoy!

The sauce is made from black soy sauce, garlic, chili powder etc … is created one fantastic flavor in your mouth. 226 more words

Chilli Sauce

紅油抄手Dumplings with Chilli Sauce

超喜歡吃紅油抄手,這個超簡單的食譜,可自己包雲吞或買現成的,只要調好醬汁便成, 15分鐘做到!懶人最愛!*^O^*

製作時間Cooking Time: 15 mins

份量Serving Yield: 2 Persons


雲吞Dumplings   12 pcs

蒜蓉Minced Garlic  2 tsp

生抽Soy Sauce       3 Tbs

辣椒油Chilli Oil       2 Tbs… 40 more words

Chinese Cuisine

Big winds of the solstice

Big winds of the solstice smashed my tube house and only a few Mexicans remain alive. I decided right there to keep going to keep the tender care restore the windbreaks and fence, water and weed. 49 more words

Chilli Sauce