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Ebola Big Picture

Here we go again, spending millions and millions of dollars on symptoms of a viral epidemic without bothering to look at the cause. Let’s say we actually manage to raise enough money so that every victim of Ebola gets a quarantined bed, a chance at an antidote or at least compassionate palliative care – where does that lead? 2,213 more words

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Captive Chimpanzee "Tommy" May Gain Freedom as Legal Person

Paws Up!
To attorney Steven Wise for representing chimpanzees in a New York Supreme Court appeal that could free imprisoned chimps.

According to a recent… 256 more words

Paws Up/Paws Down

Providing refuge for Congo's forgotten victims

Warrandyte Diary, October 2014

In recent years when the United Nations warned people to evacuate from her village in eastern Congo as rebels stormed the area, Andrea Coleman was adamant that she stayed right where she was. 997 more words


Alphabet of (Wo)Man

Tomorrow morning, I will take the GRE subject exam in English literature. The test covers all literature (and literary theory) that has been written in (or translated into) English—so studying for it is tedious, frustrating, and difficult, to say the least. 821 more words

Faith And Intellect

Mojo Jojo. 2014

I did this in February or March of this year. I originally started out to do Caesar from the Planet of the Apes but I went elsewhere and like where I ended up.
Colored pencil, ink and marker