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China Steps Up for Peace in South Sudan


On January 12, a peace conference on the crisis in South Sudan took place in Khartoum. With representatives from China, Sudan, Ethiopia, and the Inter-Governmental Authority on Development (IGAD), the South Sudanese government and the rebels… 683 more words


China Breaks New Ground By Putting Boots On The Ground In South Sudan

IT HAS LONG been expected that China would deploy troops in Africa, even though doing so would mark a shift away from Beijing’s long-held policy of keeping itself, in public at least, at arm’s length from involvement in African conflicts. 420 more words


How to Invest in Nigeria: Africa’s Most Exciting and Innovative Market

Nigeria has developed as a major investment destination in recent years as its economy has enjoyed sustained growth and dependence on oil has steadily declined. International investor interest has soared in what is now Africa’s biggest economy and opportunities are springing up across a multitude of sometimes surprising sectors. 2,124 more words

Frontier Markets

The Top Five Articles of 2014

2014 has been a fantastic year for Frontier Market Strategy, the site has gone from strength to strength and the range and depth of articles has increased dramatically. 293 more words


Day 1 of the Hostage Situation...

Or if I wanted to water down the reality, I’d label it “Day 1 of Final Exam Week.”

Today, is my 一对一课考试 (one-one-one class test). 我的一对一考试关于中非关系的意义方面。(My one-on-one test is in regards to the significance of the China-Africa relationship.) 239 more words

"Our Most Reliable Partner" China - Ethiopia Relations

In 1995 Ethiopian President Meles Zenawi made his first visit to the Chinese capital and a year later his counterpart Jiang Zemin returned the favour. Since then a strong relationship between the two countries has developed; economic and military relations have flourished and by 2006 the Ethiopian trade minister could declare that “China is our most reliable partner”. 568 more words