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The Lost Dhow Exhibition confirms the flourishing trade between Chinese and Muslim Empires

The Silk Route (Road) was an ancient network of routes stretching for over six thousand miles from China across Central Asia to the Middle East and the Mediterranean. 820 more words


200TH Day Update

Another 100 days have flown by! And with it a significantly different pace of traveling relative to the first 100 days. This period gradually shifted from a fast-paced, social, adventurous nature to a more relaxed and stagnant one. 985 more words


Making/Selling Christmas: Where Your Baubles, Tinsel, Santa Hats and LED Reindeer Come From

Roger’s note: it’s not just the vulgar materialism that Christmas has been for many decades, but more so the hidden unfreedom of those whose toil blood sweat and tears produce the junk we buy for our children and other family and loved ones.  439 more words


The first mosque in China was established by the Prophet's uncle

Islam has a long history in the People’s Republic of China, dating to the seventh century. The earliest Muslims were traders who came to the south eastern ports as part of the Indian Ocean trade as well as along the Silk Route. 751 more words