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China's latest crackdown on porn has little to do with porn

China’s National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications just announced another big campaign against pornography. The “Cleaning the web” initiative is to last until November and target websites, search portals, mobile app stores, and set-top boxes that provide access to porn. 435 more words

An ex-Bloomberg editor explains why he quit over censored China coverage

Four months ago, The New York Times ran a big story contending that Bloomberg editors had quashed an investigative report about corruption among leaders in China. 1,772 more words

LinkedIn is doing what Facebook, Google, and Twitter can't: expanding in China

The only major American social network with a significant presence in China is LinkedIn. And that presence is about to get much bigger, the company hopes, after it today switches on a beta version of a mainland China-focused, Chinese-language site, branded 领英 (pronounced “ling ying.”) 363 more words