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Tokyo Japan... (Entry #17)

Wow! I sure was traveling a lot while still employed as a Microbiologist in Hicksville, USA. I had just returned from a week in China and I was already planning on returning to Asia. 327 more words


China Doll in China... (Entry #16)

Keeping true to my new resolve to travel for myself and not for Nick, I planned a solo trip to China in the beginning of April 2014. 286 more words


Creepy Dolls in Film

9 Days of Halloween

Annabelle, a spin-off one off from the makers of The Conjuring, is essentially about a possessed china doll which comes off a little kitschy and cute when put down on paper. 660 more words


Healing in Hawaii... (Entry #15)

Although I never imagined myself surfing at Waikiki Beach in Oahu, there I was riding a long board in March of 2014. After an awakening in London, I had to come to terms with my desire for travel, art, and love. 265 more words


My lovely little oriental doll: On yellow fever

she shows no emotion at all
stares into space like a dead China doll
– Elliott Smith, “Waltz #2″

Art and irony

The doll image above is of a postcard I taped to my refrigerator door about two decades ago while living in Chicago, along with a second postcard by the same artist (below). 6,857 more words

Essays On China

Table of Truth

It was painful to look inside myself and see longings that could not satisfied. I would sit at my dining table to draw and paint my thoughts into existence. 182 more words



“Mommy, mommy, can I get this doll?”

“Catherine, that china doll’s old and dusty. Wouldn’t you rather have a nice new one from the toy shop?” 1,304 more words