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Couch Surfing #1

Couch Surfing Experience #1

“My first couch surfing experience ended with…
…me running from the Italian Police.” -China Doll

Q: What is couch surfing? A: 614 more words

Clooney's Como

There is a reason George Clooney has a villa on the edge on Lake Como. Clooney’s Villa Oleandra is located in the town of Laglio, bordering Lake Como, Italy. 712 more words


May I have Italy?.. (Entry #22)

“You may have the world, if I may have Italy.” -China Doll

Italy is a world onto itself. Warm and inviting people, a rich history, and beautiful monuments. 1,089 more words


"China Doll" by Heaps n Heaps (Premiere)

The magnificent Heaps n Heaps returns with another leaked tracked, “China Doll,” off their forthcoming follow-up EP, Like No One’s Around, dropping November 18th. The song confirms the quartet’s heavier direction by forsaking tender folk pop for edgier indie rock. 59 more words


Sell your stuff

Graveyard of things
Pearl jam CD’s
Painted canvases
Winter coats
Deep conditioners
Unique kitchen table

Haven’t gone hungry
Bread and wine
Still innocent
And powerless… 88 more words


Chicago Architecture... (Entry #20)

I love Chicago, what a great city! I continued my US tour with a visit to the Windy City. Chicago is the third most populous city in the United States, after New York City and Los Angeles. 690 more words


New York to Dallas... (Entry #19)

New York to Dallas…with no one to keep tabs on me…with no one to answer to…I travelled…New York to Dallas.

New York is a wonderful city with a mixture of all types of people. 384 more words