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She used to be a china doll

She used to be a china doll
But every time society put her down
She cracked into smaller pieces
Until she had no choice than to become… 20 more words


Your Pretty Is Foreign

I don’t mean to brag, but I kinda get called exotic a lot. I don’t know if it’s my unblemished creamy skin, almond green eyes or high cheekbones, but on a really good day I find myself thinking, “You look like a fucking China doll.” Now that we all know I’m only thirty pounds away from being an international racially ambiguous model, let me tell you, being called exotic is not all its cracked up to be. 533 more words


Heirloom Hertwigs

My blog post that continues to receive the most views is Beautiful Pet Name and Lowbrow Chinas. Though I personally find the older china dolls to be more alluring, I realize that many people searching for information on china dolls are looking specifically for information about a lowbrow doll that they inherited. 1,404 more words

China Dolls

Long live the boozy lunch

I am a self-confessed homebody, It’s true. I am constantly looking forward to a day off or a weekend of no plans whatsoever. The idea of sitting in my trackies with a good book or TV series is heaven to me. 949 more words


China Doll

Heart is light

Chest open toward sky

Belly full, the skin I am in

Folds easily, embraces softly

Shoulders, they feel the sun

Eyes reflect water… 61 more words


Fragile Science

I’m not a China doll,
Covered in cracks.
Neither am I a scientific theory,
Waiting to be figured out.

The words you say,
Will not break me. 70 more words