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A swarm of incredibly cheap camera drones is buzzing your way

HONG KONG—The annual Hong Kong Toy and Games Fair bills itself as Asia’s “biggest toys event” and provides a chance for manufacturers, particularly those from mainland China, to showcase their very newest designs, take orders from the world’s largest toy companies, and then line up their manufacturing schedule for the year. 506 more words

The US government is working with Alibaba to keep unsafe toys out of America

Alibaba and the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) have inked an unusual partnership to keep harmful children’s products on the online shopping giant’s websites from being purchased by American consumers and wholesalers. 367 more words

Your Uniqlo skinny jeans may have a dark past

Japanese fast-fashion giant Uniqlo is coming under fire for what critics say are harsh and dangerous working conditions at the Chinese factories that make its rainbow-colored array of low-cost skinny jeans and cashmere sweaters.  478 more words

Product Development & Manufacturing

Full Sail International, LLC (FSI) promotes product development and manufacturing in China for US inventors and companies. With over 50+ years of experience in product development, sampling, cut-sew manufacturing, and import/export we specialize in concept realization of multidimensional cut and sew products such as bags, cases, tents and toys. 53 more words


The day 40,000 people visited McDonalds in Beijing

I saw the other day that McDonalds has opened its 2000th restaurant in China. To think that there are now 2000 Golden Arches in China because when I first lived in China there was one, in Shenzhen. 611 more words