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Cover Lust #32 - Embassytown

Cover Lust #32 – Embassytown by China Mieville

I’m picking on Embassytown because I happen to be reading it at the moment, but in truth, this entire series of covers is just gorgeous. 197 more words

Cover Lust


When IRON COUNCIL ends, it brings both THE SCAR and PERDIDO STREET STATION to a close with it. The third and final book in China Mieville’s Bas-Lab trilogy picks up a buried theme in the previous two installments and runs wild with it. 735 more words

Book Review

Adult Writes Book Review of Un Lun Dun

This is an ideal book the bridge the gap between chapter books and weighty novels for younger readers.  There’s just one problem – I didn’t know this before I started it.  346 more words

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Perdido Street Station...............so far.

I am half way through Perdido Street Station by the very cool China Mieville. And having had the book on my shelf since October of last year, I deserve a slap on the wrist for not reading this sooner!!! 169 more words


Latest review - Herald on Sunday

The Sovereign Hand has been receiving some good coverage locally, including a nice interview and piece in the Kapiti Observer. If you’re following your nose here from those stories, welcome! 95 more words


Museums in Books: Kraken

It’s time for another thrilling installment of Museums in Books! This time, I’m not exploring museums from children’s books, no, we’ve graduated to looking at a  book for grown-ups. 314 more words

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Museums. Squid. Memory Angels. One cool & very sweary copper. Marvellous book. Blogged by @jackshoulder


The Short Version: Out at the edge of the known universe on a planet called Arieka, humans have established an outpost called Embassytown.  The natives, the Ariekei (or Hosts), speak a complex form of language that only allows for truth; even similes must be literally created in order to be spoken.   958 more words