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The Final Proposal

When I started reading The City and The City, the notion of seeing and “unseeing” someone seemed strange and unrealistic to me. However, thinking about the other texts we have read throughout this course, I realized that the concept is something we have seen before. 254 more words

Final Paper Topic Proposal

For my final essay, I will be using Virginia Woolf’s “London Adventure: a Street Hauntng” and China Mieville’s The City and the City as my two primary sources. 252 more words

WWW Wednesday, 16-April-2014

A couple of updates for this new installment of WWW Wednesday hosted by MizB. I hope I can keep up this reading pace!
The Three Ws are: 420 more words


Avatar of Breach

It struck me as very interesting that the titles of members in Breach were “avatar” instead of agent, inspector, commissioner, other military titles, etc. When I hear/see the word “avatar” I first and foremost think of pop culture references: the last airbender and that over-hyped and now completely forgotten James Cameron movie for starters. 307 more words

The City as a Character

I find myself thinking more about the portrayal and characterizations of the cities as I read more into Mieville’s novel. Although Mieville doesn’t give much description for the cities, the cities are referred to in such a sense that they become characters within the story. 107 more words

Stacking the Cities

The idea of two cities existing simultaneously and geographically together took me a while to understand.  However, the analogy of the stacked CDs helped, and I would like to take a stab at another analogy.   139 more words

The Cities are the Same

After discussing with the people around me as well as contributing to the large group discussion, I wanted to expand my ideas on question seven from the Sparking on Thursday which asked what reasons the author might have for the lack of description of the two cities, Beszel and Ul Qoma. 262 more words