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Tour to See The China Giant Panda

The Giant panda was declared an endangered species in 1990 and there is an estimated 1000-2000 still living in the wild. The destruction of bamboo forest have made survival for the pandas difficult. 421 more words

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Medan China Tours

Flights Details from Medan to major Cities in China


China is well-known for its culture and technology among tourists around the world. Numerous visitors (with their family, friends and loved ones) come to China every year. 437 more words



Bagaimana Mendapatkan dari Bangkok ke Pattaya: Gunakan Kereta, Bus, Taxi atau Mobil

Bangkok adalah ibu kota Thailand, dan Pattaya merupakan daerah resor yang terkenal di pantai. 442 more words


Medan travel | Sumatera tours

Hal yang dapat dilakukan di Medan, Indonesia: A Medan Halaman

Sebuah Pengantar Medan

Medan, juga dikenal sebagai “Paris of Sumatera, adalah ibu kota Sumatera Utara dan kota terbesar di pulau Sumatera. 574 more words


Danxia Landform Features in China

China’s landscape is vast and diverse, ranging from forest steppes and the Gobi and Taklamakan deserts in the arid north to subtropical forests in the wetter south. 804 more words

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Guilin China Longji Terraced Fields Tour

Long Ji Terraced Fields is located in Heping Town, southeast of Longsheng County of Guangxi provice, 80 kilometers from Guilin. It was built in the Yuan Dynasty and was completed in early Qing Dynasty, over 650 years of history, and it is one of the twenty-one A level scenic spots in Guangxi, mixing of magnificent and beautiful, and has the reputation as “the highest terrace in the world”. 364 more words

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Shanghai Travel and Yangtze River Cruise

This is a Shanghai Yangtze tour that combine the biggest metropolis city–Shanghai with the Yangtze River to lead you to enjoy the greatness of the charm of China. 572 more words

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