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美國自顧不暇; 中俄趁虛而入

With American’s Monroe Doctrine formally denounced by none other than American’s own John Kerry, America basically invite others to coming in to his back yard and do whatever it wishes. 334 more words


Apple と Asia: 中国が日本を抜いて、一番の お得意さまに・・・

China excites, Japan disappoints in Apple’s newest earnings
July 23, 2014 – by Steven Millward

Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) newest financial earnings report (for fiscal 2014 Q3; or April to June in human time) shows stellar growth in China. 334 more words


I and We

In a recent conversation with a friend, we discussed the demands of being a selfless mother and how that could change one’s perspective of “self.” The concept of the “self” and “ego” is influenced by culture. 595 more words

Qualcomm's China Disputes Dent Forecast, Sending Shares Lower

Qualcomm posted record quarterly earnings, but shares dropped in after-hours trading on the company’s warning that disputes with the Chinese government and some licensees there could hurt business going forward. 352 more words


Book Recommendation: Year of Wonders

You may have heard in the news recently that a town of 30,000 people has been sealed off in the northwestern Chinese province of Gansu due to an outbreak of bubonic plague. 287 more words

Public Health

International Inspiration: Looks From Around the Globe

It’s becoming almost impossible to spot fashion trends these days; they’re changing by the day! It seems that people are running out of ways to express their style, so they’ve resorted to taking them from other parts of the world. 553 more words


A Year's Worth of Travel Photography

When I travel, I always take photographs. It’s not just about documentation: it’s about testing my patience.