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World of Wang 20.4.14

This week we present you the Chinese Dick

Hello humble members of United Britain I am Herbert Wang I was chosen by God to be the Chinese Representative of Mike Huggins. 169 more words


New Year’s Discovery Tour

By Chuanling Huang

When I celebrated Songkran on the streets of Bangkok a few days ago, I was so drenched I felt like I was going to melt like the Wicked Witch of the West. 667 more words

367200 Minutes

Arcturus News Muster – 20 April 2014

Every day (not every day) we get together in our hovel and produce the finest and most professional news product this side of the Crab Nebula.  1,670 more words


Japan-China island dispute remains, solutions uncertain

By Diana Yang Li 

HONG KONG – China’s stand on Diaoyu Islands and East China Sea is firm and clear. “We urge Japan to face up to the history and peaceably discuss the issue with China,” said Qin Gang, a spokesperson for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, at a press conference. 309 more words

Lost You Forever Chapter 3 part 2

pada bagian part dua ini terlihat sekali kalau Xiao Liu sangat kecewa dengan Shi Qi karena tidak membantunya melawan Xuan maupun Ah Nian. rasa frustrasi dan kesalnya berlangsung cukup lama, untung saja, di sini Xiang Liu muncul, setidaknya Xiao Liu tidak akan begitu kesepian meskipun dia tidak bersama dengan Shi Qi. 1,004 more words


Yes, they are 3D-printing houses in China

When people hear about 3D-printing they start with these small printers, but then start to expect the biggest things .

Printing  houses , is for example one of the new technologies that a Chinese company has started to do. 229 more words


Behind the Forbidden City

The writer A Lan is arrested by the policeman Xiao Shi  and along the whole night, he is interrogated, disclosing his hard life-story since he was a child and his crush on Xiao Shi.