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Justin Bieber and the Shrine.

People need to calm down with the matter of Justin Bieber visiting a controversial shrine. I can assure you that I don’t agree with a lot of his actions, but this matter is just the media blowing it out of proportion.  126 more words

si tu (four rabbit)

Unexpectedly, Rabbit was blown back on course by a mystery breeze and came fourth.


A Lady of Winter Moon (cont.)

Part Two

Although the gesture was intended as a show of respect for the ancient plum tree, to her this became a sentence of imprisonment. With her roots deep in the heart of the hill, she’d grown to maturity in the mountain lea and well understood her part in the ongoing cycle of changes. 432 more words


GSK under growing pressure from UK authorities, lawyers warn


“They should lose their License to operate, not fines, and long stretch in Jail”

(comment on the Telegraph article)

Legal experts warn recent developments will have drawn more scrutiny from the Serious Fraud Office…

745 more words

Tourist group invasion

As members of the notorious LTGC* pour in, we know that it’s time we end our visit to Jiaohe Ruins and head for the hills. 10 more words


Lose You Forever Chapter 3 part 4

Chuan Zi teringat ketika dia masih kecil dan seberapa dia sangat menderita dan tidak dapat menahan tetapi dia harus mengakui kalau yang di katakan Xiao Liu adalah benar. 2,098 more words



Today I’m going to talk a bit about the Chosen Marathon for Adoption!

Adoption is not a cheap venture.  We knew this going in to our adoption, and finances is part of why we waited until we did to start our process. 591 more words