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Not my China

I love how my brain has been an overflowing pot of ideas today. Clearly, there are good days and there are GOOD days. After completing the post on The Wake up Call, I went downstairs to check on the pot of rice I was cooking (not like you particularly need this information) so that I did not burn down the house. 466 more words

Summer Sun

We’ve had a solid week of good weather. It has definitely been hot and it even got up to 104 degrees the other day, but the sun has been shining and I’ve been loving it. 412 more words

Nice Cnc Machine China photos

Check out these cnc machine images:


Image by smellsofbikes
3D probe assembled. The pointy bit at the left is the touch probe itself. The blue wires are the sense, the red is the power. 99 more words

A Shanghai Street

A massive, battered pot steams on the corner, emitting mouth-watering smells, a group of young people sit beside it on a makeshift table, enjoying a freshly-cooked breakfast, a gaggle of retired men and women sit on sagging easy chairs across the road, with time on their hands. 1,792 more words


The Half-Remembered Bribe

During the reign of Empress Wu, in Tang dynasty China, the Zhang brothers held inordinate influence, which they wielded with a certain lack of grace and subtlety.   84 more words


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Awesome story. I love historical anecdotes like this.

Braised chicken with tofu skins

Braising is just about my favorite way to prepare chicken because it’s so simple and gets such great results. I’ve posted some braises before, like… 653 more words


China Update 4 (Pictures!)

The internet connection at our hotels has been inconsistent and slow at best. For some reason though, it’s working fast enough to upload pictures for a few minutes! 138 more words