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Live Clean Or Die Hard

We’ve all seen the pictures of extreme air pollution around China. And the UK had its time in the smog, with the Great Smog of 1952 where it was so bad people died. 618 more words

Shanghai Metal Corporation

Chinese entrepreneur Chen Guangbiao refutes fake ice claims with a fake photo

Friday, August 29th 17:00 HK

Friday’s post: Chinese news is littered with fake goods stories, from fake bags, to fake eggs, and fake meats, which doesn’t help the ‘Made in China’ brand image. 387 more words


Pastor Zhang loses appeal and Church leaders detained, churches and crosses demolished

August 28, 2014


At least ten leaders from house churches across Hunan province in central China have been detained in what appears to be an ongoing crackdown. 281 more words


SAGA - Official teaser & tour message

From Korea, Japan, China, they gathered as one to unite Asia.


 SAGA will soon come to Europe!


摊贩 - Street Vendors

Much more so than in the United States, life in China is lived outside.  People exercise on sidewalks and in parks, sit and drink and smoke with buddies on curbs, and buy and sell so much on the streets.   51 more words


The Truth Behind The Chinese 'Supersonic Submarine' Report!

A few days ago, I came across an article titled “New Chinese Supersonic Submarine could travel from China to San Francisco in less than 2 hours” or something like that. 724 more words


Getting Lost

I have a tendency to get lost. Normally I don’t like wandering around without knowing where I’m going because I keep thinking in the back of my head, “At some point I have to be able to get back home.” In Shanghai, however, this is no longer a problem because I can, at any point, flag a taxi and have it drive me home. 323 more words