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Chinatown Residents Fear Their Neighborhood May Disappear

“I remember when Chinatown stretched about 12 blocks, but now there are probably just about seven blocks left,” said 29-year-old from Chinatown, Eric Zhou.

Chinatown has decreased from its original 12 blocks to seven existing blocks today. 161 more words

SHANGHAI MANSION BANGKOK (in search for romance)

I always received some raised eyebrows and skeptical looks whenever I tried to recommend to anyone this old Shanghai style hotel. Imagine oriental silk pillows, sofas in traditional Chinese floral prints, hanging birdcages ablaze in vibrant colours, and nostalgic wooden doors with antique doorknobs. 301 more words


10 New York Facts To Blow Your Mind

  1. Grand Central has a whispering gallery, If two people stand at opposite arches, you can whisper to one another and still be heard.
  1. There’s a place in Ozone Park that is detached from New York City’s sewer system and it is known as ‘The hole’ is notorious for mobster activity and the bodies of many mobsters have been discovered there.
  2. 210 more words
Douglas Macmillan Hospice

凉皮 (Liang Pi noodles)

I don’t go often enough to Chinatown, but I should because it is the best place to eat in all of Singapore.
Starving as I was after work, I ate a Shandong sandwich, which I’ve posted about before. 104 more words


A Tale of Two Neighborhoods: Chinatown v. Little India

Like many huge cities, Singapore is made up of uncountable smaller neighborhoods. However, the bulk of budget accommodation is in Chinatown and Little India, so most backpackers will end up staying in one or the other. 481 more words

A walk through Chinatown

I don’t have a work Visa, so when Ted is working I’m a bit at loose ends. I no longer have a garden to tend to, work to go to, and very little in the way of housework to deal with; only laundry and whatever cooking we decide to do, housekeeping does the rest. 568 more words


Canada Part Two: Toronto

Having said our goodbyes to Bethany, Seb and Lou, the compost-loving dog, Mark and I got the bus to Toronto to meet Suhail again. We had arranged to meet at Sneaky Dee’s for some half price fajitas which were ridiculously huge, cheap and tasty. 948 more words