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Julie Christensen Is Designer of Change at City Hall

By Joel P. Engardio

When you think about the ways government touches our lives – through public transportation, its tax and license bureaucracy, how it regulates what our streets and cityscape look like — the concepts of good form, function and design probably don’t come to mind. 630 more words

Joel Engardio

The Sunday Traveler's Rainbow Treasures

The eagerly awaited fortunes, hidden inside the cookies made it without being broken open on the train ride home. Anticipation is everything after a trek into San Francisco’s Chinatown, a hunt and successful search for the Golden Gate Fortune Cookie Factory. 320 more words

A Little Bit Of The Everyday

Places To Visit In Incheon (Part I) - Chinatown

When people heard that I’m currently living in Korea they usually just assume that I live in the capital city, Seoul. But no, actually I live in Incheon (인천) or officially Incheon Metropolitan City. 1,600 more words


Welcome to Penang!

The sun is hot, the sky is blue, Chinese lanterns hang in the trees, and the call to prayer fills one ear while throbbing Bollywood beats fill the other. 378 more words


A Day in Liverpool

I went on a University trip to Liverpool today, and Liverpool is much better than I expected it to be. Of course a day isn’t enough to explore everything, but I still got to explore many of the museums and shops. 736 more words

A Stroll Through Chinatown

We took the elevator from the bowels of the parking garage, rose upward and stared transfixed as the doors slid open before us. Live Chinese singers had set up camp at the Chinatown Entrance, their melancholy tune coupled with the twang of lutes serving as a soundtrack of sorts for the rest of our visit. 692 more words