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Top Chinese Transplant Official Says There’s No Plan to Stop Using Prisoner Organs

Many analysts also point to a more sinister source of prisoner organs: those that come from executed prisoners of conscience, who are not formally sentenced to death through the courts for any crime, but who are held in arbitrary detention, blood-tested, and killed for their organs as required.

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法轮功迫害纪实 Persecution Of Falun Gong In China

Advice from a German Police Officer to His Counterparts in China (Photos)

 He explained, “In Germany, a police officer would be punished if he used excessive force against a person. It is quite different from China. When we do something, we are first restricted by our conscience.

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法轮功迫害纪实 Persecution Of Falun Gong In China

Jesus More Popular Than Mao On China's Social Media

According to a survey reported on by Foreign Policy, God, Jesus, the Bible, and other Christian topics show up more often in Weibo search results in China, than do topics related to communist leaders and the Chinese Communist Party. 266 more words


Chinese Embassy Attempts to Prevent Rally During Xi Jinping Visit in Paris

“The CCP exerts pressure on Western countries through economic and diplomatic means to avoid condemnation of its crimes against humanity,” he added.

By Gisela Sommer…

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Falun Gong (Falun Dafa)

New Publication Up: China Policy Institute Blog (Nottingham)

My new essay focusing on Wu Dawei’s diplomacy in North Korea, entitled “Tuning Out Beijing’s Six-Party Drumbeat,” was posted today at the CPI blog.

Sino-North Korean Relations

Berlin, Germany: Local Media Exposes Chinese Communist Interference of Shen Yun Performances 干扰柏林神韵 中共恶行被曝光


A teacher shared with practitioners: “I am originally from East Germany. I’m all too familiar with the communist tricks.” Many people who used to live in East Berlin expressed similar sentiments. 

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中共 Chinese Communist Party

An open letter to the Chinese Communist Party concerning press freedom in Hong Kong

Dear Chinese Communist Party,

I’m not one of those Americans who thinks the way we do things in ‘Murica is always better than the way others do them, but when it comes to propagandising and controlling its population…well…USA #1!. 1,344 more words