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China’s slowing economy: The worst has yet to come

If official Chinese data should be believed at all, the only thing one can say about China’s GDP growth of 7.4% in 2014, the slowest since 1990, is that it could have been worse. 739 more words


The Week in Retrospect (Jan 12-18)

The news this week feature Gen Z’s employment needs, Honda’s ambitions, Samsung’s new OS, Facebook’s new app launch and China’s slowing economy 225 more words


Lawrence Lau: Optimistic over China’s Future Growth

Despite some Western analysts’ claim that China’s economy is stalling, Hong Kong economist Prof. Lawrence J. Lau expresses optimism about China’s economic future, believing that the country will have no difficulty in achieving an average annual GDP growth rate of around 7 percent in the next decade and beyond. 863 more words


China's deepening deflation is making its slowdown much uglier

Last year wasn’t an easy one for China’s economy. And though we’re only a few days in, 2015 is looking even tougher. In December, the producer price index—an average of the change in prices that producers charge for their wares—fell 3.3%. 491 more words

Newly empowered Chinese factory workers are striking and protesting in record numbers

Last year, Chinese construction workers, miners, teachers, truck drivers, and factory workers went on strike or protested at least 1,378 times, according to… 239 more words

Is China set to become the world’s largest economy in 2015?

China’s economy in 2015 may be as big as the US economy—
if you believe the World Bank’s economists

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The business press has been excitedly predicting the day when the Chinese economy will surpass that of the US in size. 790 more words


IN THE YEAR 2000: CIA made these predictions about 2015...

Business Insider: Back in 2000, the CIA published a 70-page report on what the world would be like in 2015.

Here were some of those predictions, according to a December 2000 story from The Telegraph. 69 more words