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Recommended article by John Ross, 'Why private companies grow fast in socialist China'

A striking feature of China’s economic development is the breadth of social layers benefitting from it. At the bottom of the economic ladder, China has lifted over 600 million people from internationally defined poverty – accounting for the entire global fall in the number of those living in poverty. 1,390 more words

China Growth

Recommended article by John Ross, 'What the G20 needs to learn from China'


Since 1978 China has seen the most rapid economic growth of any country in world history, and the most rapid growth of living standards of any major economy. 5,652 more words

China Growth

Climate of Fear X November 2014.

For twenty years China has been driving hard for industrialization. About 70 percent of all Chinese energy comes from coal. Chinese industry burns coal for fuel and Chinese apartment buildings are heated by coal-burning generators. 541 more words

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China's Economic Slowdown Is Precisely What Xi Jinping Wants

In Reuters report “China’s Xi: China economic growth to be sustainable, balanced – Xinhua” on November 15, it says, “Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Saturday China’s economy will maintain strong, sustainable and balanced growth, state media reported. 1,842 more words

Housing market and its implications for the Chinese economy

Currently (as of late May, 2014) the Chinese housing market is at a historic high, yet housing prices have increased only modestly this year. This got me to thinking, could the booming Chinese housing market be at a turning point, and is perhaps already on a road to decline? 771 more words


Aquino vows to promote harmonious relations with China


Vice President Jejomar Binay exits as President Benigno Aquino III troops the line with Armed Forces of the Philippines Chief of Staff Gen. Gregorio Catapang Jr. 374 more words

China president says risks to economy 'not that scary'

Reuters quotes President Xi Jinping in its report “China president says risks to economy ‘not that scary’” the president as saying, “”Some people worry that China’s economic growth will fall further, can it climb over the ridge? 788 more words