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China's local GDP data points to recovery, rebalancing

China’s regional economies enjoyed a revival in growth in the second quarter, data from provincial governments showed, chiming with earlier figures that suggest a burst of government stimulus measures is re-invigorating activity. 705 more words

China July official PMI seen hitting eight-month high

Activity in China’s vast factory sector likely expanded at the fastest pace in eight months in July, a Reuters poll showed on Wednesday, adding to evidence that the economy is regaining momentum after a burst of government stimulus measures. 513 more words

Global Food Fight: The U.S. vs. China, Round II.

If I were a lyin’ thievin’ polecat of a politician trying to get a toe-hold on the next elections, I would start this post by claiming that I worked my way through high school and part of college by working in grocery stores. 1,125 more words

Chinese Economy

Dan Collins: Ghost Cities in China Disappearing

Financial/Societal Collapse And Dependence

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Very informative radio interview with Dan Collins, an American who has lived and worked in China for 15 years. Great overview of current world economics. From the show: Until we get our manufacturing jobs back, we are not going to have a real ecomony. You have to be able to produce some good-sized portion of what you consume. Right now, we just consume, consume, consume, all based off of printed money and we have no real economy. Per capita, China is leading the United States in online purchases. Inflation is worse in China now than in the U.S., which is why the gov has engineered a slow down of the economy. China has owned Africa for 10 years now.

China July HSBC flash PMI at 18-month high

China’s factory activity expanded at its fastest pace in 18 months in July as new orders surged, a preliminary HSBC survey showed on Thursday, the latest indication that the economy is picking up as government stimulus measures kick in. 787 more words

China growth picks up as stimulus kicks in, more support may be needed

China’s economic growth picked up slightly in the second quarter as a burst of government stimulus paid dividends, but analysts said Beijing will likely need to offer more support to meet its annual growth target as the property market slows. 904 more words

China second-quarter GDP seen steady at 7.4 percent, recovery in sight

China’s economy probably steadied in the second quarter with annual growth holding firm at 7.4 percent, a Reuters poll showed, suggesting that a recovery is taking hold as a flurry of government stimulus measures kick in. 803 more words