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China’s Economic Slowdown Continues

In my post “China’s Economic Slowdown Is Precisely What Xi Jinping Wants” on November 17, I quoted my book Tiananmen’s Tremendous Achievements Expanded 2nd Edition to explain that China’s “old tricks of seeking export-driven and credit-fueled growth do not work”. 557 more words

Will Panamax and Capesize Coal Shipments Rise or fall? The Answer May Lie with China’s New Coal Restrictions

China has been and remains a significant player in the dry bulk shipping market, especially in coal trade. It is the largest importer and producer of thermal coal. 537 more words

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Africa's Growing Dependence on China

Africa’s survival depends on China . At the very least, sub-Saharan Africa’s rapid GDP growth rates — an estimated 6 .3 percent this year and 5 .1 percent last — rely on continued strong demand from China (growing this year at about 7 .6 percent) for the vast commodity resources of the continent . 1,724 more words


Thoroughness, Chinese President Xi Jinping’s Work Style

Yesterday, I reblogged China Daily Mail’s post of Newsweek article “Is This the End of China’s Economic Miracle?” The article points out with insight that the reforms Xi Jinping needs to carry out are not the one or two sweeping changes that Deng initiated more than 35 years ago. 1,075 more words

Recommended article by John Ross, 'Why private companies grow fast in socialist China'

A striking feature of China’s economic development is the breadth of social layers benefitting from it. At the bottom of the economic ladder, China has lifted over 600 million people from internationally defined poverty – accounting for the entire global fall in the number of those living in poverty. 1,405 more words

China Growth

Recommended article by John Ross, 'What the G20 needs to learn from China'


Since 1978 China has seen the most rapid economic growth of any country in world history, and the most rapid growth of living standards of any major economy. 5,667 more words

China Growth

Climate of Fear X November 2014.

For twenty years China has been driving hard for industrialization. About 70 percent of all Chinese energy comes from coal. Chinese industry burns coal for fuel and Chinese apartment buildings are heated by coal-burning generators. 541 more words

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