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A 9-year-old told China's president to lose some weight—and censors shut him down

A 9-year-old boy had some advice for Chinese president Xi Jinping: plan a mission to Mars and lose some weight. According to the Zhengzhou Evening News in China’s central Henan province, a primary school student named Niu Ziru wrote a letter for a school project to “Grandpa Xi” with his thoughts on the country’s space program, as well as some health tips. 350 more words

China 1 - Democracy 0

Hong Kong protests are cleared, as the – perhaps unsurprising – police start clearing the area by forcing away and arresting protesters. 25 years ago there was Tiananmen  square – now it is happening in Hong Kong. 37 more words

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Protest Protester Protesting - Media portrayal of US protests

With protests in America continuing on – first Ferguson and now the case of #EricGarner – it is quite astonishing how the events are reported throughout the world.  314 more words

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Why China is now banning puns

Which country would you say is entering a “marijuana era”? Maybe Uruguay, which recently legalized the drug? Perhaps the United States, where the state of Colorado is offering… 519 more words