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Flaws in Ramu NiCo pollution denial

The scientific analysis by experts at Cocoa Coconut Institute of PNG (CCIPNG) for Ramu NiCo on the alleged gas explosion at Basamuk, rather shows obvious flaws in their attempt to cover up what seems to be major gas pollution. 259 more words

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Ramu mine denies pollution

Post Courier

RAMU NiCo Mine in Madang Province has denied allegations from nearby communities that smoke from the mine’s refinery is affecting their food crops like yam and taro. 348 more words

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Madang government confirms Ramu nickel acid pollution

“Rain water is not safe for human consumption even from creeks and rivers”

Villagers face effects of smoke

The National aka The Loggers Times

COASTAL villages near Ramu Nickel plant site in Basamuk, Rai Coast, in Madang, are experiencing the effects of harmful smoke from the mine.

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Stop thinking of Ramu-Nico as an Asian company - says PNG Oreo Cookie

Bismarck Ramu Group

I recall as a young student reading about Black Americans. As they were fighting for their rights in the USA some of them would sell out to the whites and tell their own black brothers & sisters to , in reality, obey their white masters. 687 more words

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MCC claims marine waste dumping safe - but no transparency

Chinese company MCC claims marine waste dumping of toxic tailings from its Ramu mine is safe … but is refusing to release the ‘independent’ studies it says support its claims. 484 more words

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Ramu mine 'plagued by technical and financial problems' says Chairman

Ramu NiCo troubled by low metal prices

The National aka The Loggers Times

THE world market price is unfavourable to the Ramu NiCo project, which is… 175 more words

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Ramu mine partners meet to discuss project failings

Mr. Zhao Shimin presented the summary of the Project update with emphasis that the world market price is unfavorable for the Project as well as the technical difficulties and financial challenges currently faced by the Project.

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