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Let The Show Begin...

“She sang as if she knew me in all my dark despair, and then she looked right through me as if I wasn’t there…”

The eyes, resting on you and only you…and as much as you try to convince yourself you are dreaming, slowly you are drawn into the spectacle taking place before you. 478 more words


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My wife and I are busy preparing for a move back to New York and enjoying gorgeous days in Hollywood, Florida. However, I told you before that I keep in reserve wonderful posts of fellow bloggers just for such occasions. I hope you'll enjoy this post. Please pay special attention to these words in the post: "Potential.  There will come a time, whether on a stage, on a field or in an office when opportunity strikes and your inspiration and talent will take all this potential and create a dream which you then turn into reality. We are the lucky ones.  Do not waste a moment of what we’ve been given." Thank you, Dalo!

Chinese New Year in NYC

Chinese New Year was January 31st so I’m posting this a bit late but it is typically celebrated for 15 days so I guess I’m only a few days behind that. 397 more words

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