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From my unedited photo archives of the Chinese Opera or Wayang

From my 2011 unedited photo archives of the Chinese Opera or Wayang in Penang during the Hungry Ghosts Festival. Last Sunday marked the start of the Hungry Ghosts Festival world-wide and it shall be a busy photo-shooting season for me as there are a lot of Chinese Troupes in town. 24 more words


Ancestor of Chinese Opera – Kunqu Opera

Kunqu opera, also called Kunshan Tune, is the oldest form of opera in China. Originate from the opera singing system of Kunshan, Suzhou in fourteen and fifteen centuries, Kunqu opera is a kind of performing art that combines singing, speaking, acting, acrobatic fighting, dancing and martial art. 78 more words

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Practice 596

Last week, late at night I received a message from my nephew who begged me to paint him a painting for his friend who will be moving to a new house. 60 more words


Going to the Book Sale

A friend once told me that she wondered what I wrote in my journals. When I told her that I did not keep one, she asked me what I did on my off days. 333 more words

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Square Dancing

A series of hotels with poor internet connections has led to a gap in postings but here at the Overseas Tibetan Hotel in Xiahe the connection is good so time to catch up. 141 more words