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Glutinous Rice in Lotus Leaf



1 sheet dried lotus leaf

1 cup long grain glutinous rice

2-3 pieces Chinese mushrooms… 233 more words

Chinese Cuisine

Chinese Sausage Stir Fry

    It’s been about a week since my last big trip to Chinatown Paris to pick up a ton of ingredients.  The need to use up some of my fresh veggies before they start to wilt combined with my new mission to go at least 3 weeks without carbs inspired this dish.  128 more words

Asian Food

One Pot, Everything Fits All

There are many ways of cooking this type of rice/ dish. We call it lap mei fan‘ (in Cantonese). The main ingredients include ‘Chinese’ rice, … 263 more words


Lao Fried Rice "Nam Khao Tod "

We used to have this dish a laotian restaurant in China town in Paris. I kept a very gourmande memory of this fried rice and I have to say, I am very proud of the result. 371 more words


Xôi Lạp Xưởng {Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage}

It seems almost silly that I’m writing a post on Xôi Lạp Xưởng {Sticky Rice with Chinese Sausage} because it’s incredibly easy and so common. But if you grew up in a Vietnamese family like I did, then you can appreciate what a staple this humble dish… 618 more words


A Winter Wonderland and Warm Pineapple fried Rice

What a beautiful and peaceful weekend it was. It was a rarity that Vancouver was blanketed by a thick layer of snow. The cold snowy weather really made my day as I relaxed and cozied up at Starbucks, sipping away at hot coffee and savouring a fresh baked croissant. 385 more words


Fast and Furious Fried Rice

Of course the wonderful people at Huong Lan don’t call their fried rice Fast or Furious. To them and all their devoted patrons it’s known as #39-Special Fried Rice. 337 more words