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Why do Chinese students choose UW-Madison? -- Channel C

Channel C first episode: "Why Chinese Students choose UW-Madison"

More and more Chinese students choose America as their destination of college education. UW-Madison experiences the drift, too. 71 more words

Are Chinese students anti-social?

On Wednesdays, UW freshmen Alyssa Krueger and Lauren Lehmann enjoys each other’s company and talk about “classes and crazy roommates” while having lunch at Rheta’s, one of the dining halls at UW-Madison. 85 more words

Greatest Chinese Lesson

The greatest lesson I’ve learned from my Chinese teacher is why my coworkers hate me.

You learn very quickly to not care if people like you in China, because it is actually quite simple – if you are useful to them, they like you; if you are a threat to them, they hate you. 848 more words

UI Painting Major's B.F.A show depicted life of Chinese students


Mohan Liu‘s graduation exhibition was the most casual, playful and fun I have seen among B.F.A shows.

The theme of her show was Chinese students’ life in Iowa. 234 more words

Chinese Students

Nearly a quarter of Britain's masters students are Chinese

British university masters programs are increasingly dominated by students from China, who now make up 23% of the total enrollment, according to a new study on English higher education… 169 more words

Beat Story No.1:Chinese Students are Flocking to U.S. Universities

Recent years, Ole Miss witnesses a large growing number of international students study in Oxford, especially Chinese students. They come here as undergraduates, graduates or PhD. 737 more words

Beat Story

Pressure cooker education: study only to pass exams


“HK education doesn’t really promote creative thinking; it is just learning to get through the next exam. Kids get used to it; my son has been to local schools all the way through and so far ok.” 2,970 more words