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Takin' Love by the Horns: The Chinese Tea Ceremony

After the ceremony, everyone was up and milling about, either casually chatting away to each other or trying to catch a glimpse of the rare bride-and-groom-emon*. 1,014 more words


Choosing THE DATE!

So when should your big day be? Six months later? A year later? While it really depends on how simple or how grand your wedding’s gonna be, I personally do feel that a year is a very comfortable pace for most couples. 405 more words

Chinese Wedding Preparation

Bye Bye Google....I Will Miss You :(

The Great Fire Wall of China has struck again…... 7 years ago when I arrived in China .. I was able to access Facebook , twitter and you tube… and a brief six months that was blocked by the Chinese Firewall, due to information being leaked out that was not showing China in a favorable light..   495 more words

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Im Back With Vengeance

I am sorry everyone I had to take a small hiatus since I had so many things going on in my life I really just didn’t have time to write anything.   609 more words

Personal Self

Jogging and Little Talks

Whenever I go out for a jog, I always meet someone I know. Sometimes, we end up jogging together and then we have a nice small talk afterwards. 480 more words


Clock Shop

All of the literature advising expatriates about living in China warns against giving clocks as gifts, since the word for clock is similar to one of the Chinese expressions associated with death.   27 more words