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DIA220xH160mm, China

Hotpot is a popular dish in China.

Fresh meat and vegetable bleached with boiling soup then dipped into a variety of different sauces is super tasty.   126 more words


Thunder Tea Rice @ Lau Pa Sat

It’s hard not to be intrigued by thunder tea rice (or Lei Cha). The name alone is wonderfully evocative – the drama of ‘thunder’, the soothing calmness of ‘tea’, the no-frills sensibility of ‘rice’ – and befits this most unique and delightful of Hakka dishes. 392 more words


Mumsnet Berkshire does Pan Asian dining!

My review of Cosmo Restaurant, Reading, Berkshire

I love food. I love eating out. It’s something I rarely do these days with a toddler and a baby because it’s usually too much hard work entertaining a toddler and not really relaxing. 793 more words

Pretty little bow things

Sometimes I like to look badass, sometimes I like to look sultry, sometimes I like to look quirky, today I want to look… 103 more words


Bang Bang Chicken

So no, as you may have spotted, this is a long way from authentic ‘Bang Bang Chicken’, originally named for the sound the knives made preparing the chicken. 454 more words


lady, crash into that cultural divide

The sad truth of the matter is, you don’t have many white friends. Thankfully, the ones you have, you hold close, close enough that you don’t feel the need to censor yourself. 93 more words



Hey Boredoms!

So… prelims are over! Yay! -squealing-

Fun Fact: This was a topic stolen from Dawn :P Also, Prelims is an exam for those who don’t know. 227 more words