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Kai Fun: Openrice~Itadakimasu~Ginlaewnakaaaaa~Bonappétit!!!

So how many of us know… the phrase “Open Rice” has something more meaningful than what it appears to us non-Chinese-speaking people????

When I first heard of the term “Open Rice” (from the name of an Asia-wide restaurant directory website), I thought ~~

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The 3 Myth of Pursuit of Ever Higher Wages in China

More often than not, the hidden prices we paid for engaging a seemingly higher wages job were brought vividly home only after things we valued the most were taken away or being compromised. 1,229 more words

Soya Sauce Chicken

I have always been cooking pork stuff because that is my favourite meat and i seem to have many pork recipes as well. So today, for a change, i thought maybe i should try chicken instead. 318 more words


Day 31: Getting a Seal and Eating Sushi, In Support of Yu-kai

In Daan District, Taipei City, Taiwan

I know I put the word “seal” in the same sentence as “sushi,” but don’t you worry, we did not get an animal for ourselves. 348 more words


'Gift-Giving' in China Part - II

Chinese Business Etiquette & Culture : Gift – Giving Part-2!

Wrapping a Gift:

Chinese gifts can be wrapped with wrapping paper and bows, just like gifts in the West. 525 more words