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Boss & Me/Shan Shan Lai Le (Series Review)

By the power of Shan-Teng’s love, this is one of the best romcoms around. 1,467 more words


In Search of the Tower of Babel: a (biking) Tale of Two Cities

I have always loved languages. The ability to speak to different people from all across the world in their native tongue excites me. So much of what you say, what you think, what expressions you use, your tone, your word choice, your worldview, so much of human interactions are based on the language you speak. 1,376 more words


Empty Handed

I was expecting dude to return with Chinese food but apparently it was too packed and the service was shitty at the restaurant so he took off. 15 more words

Salted fish and minced pork rice in clay pot - Utopia Cafe

With bok choy and ginger. $7.95
Utopia Cafe, San Francisco CA

Well, this was different! But it was pretty good (and salty). The minced pork was super tasty and the salted fish pieces were a nice addition, but I think the ginger is what really made this dish. 17 more words


Bok Choy, Carrot and Ginger Soup (just chop and simmer)

This was one of those late-season, gotta use up some veggies because tomorrow is another C.S.A. pick up, type of recipes that came together so quickly and made everyone so happy that I have to share it, even though it is embarrassingly easy and yes, I used a stock cube because I was out of chicken stock and my found veggie stocks didn’t seem the right flavor for this. 283 more words


Chinese President Calls For Finish To “Weird Architecture” Trend by Chic Decorations

Following years of both importing famous designers and copying strange structures from abroad, Xi Jinping, the leader of China’s Communist Party has declared an end to offbeat construction projects going forward. 31 more words

Little Things That Make Your Day / Pequenas Coisas Que Ganham Seu Dia

Today is a beautiful day, I’m alive and healthy, I’ve got a roof over my  head and a future to look forward to. But I’ve just been down today. 512 more words