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Game Faces

While in Afghanistan, I tried to accomplish two things with the photos I took. First, I brought along a 500mm zoom lens so I could capture unusual moments and bring them in really, really tight. 486 more words


Air Insert with the 173rd Airborne

On September 12, 2010, I was with a CH-47 Chinook crew that executed an air insert mission with elements of the 173rd Airborne Brigade and an ANA unit. 261 more words



So today I learned that Chinooks can cause migrianes. This is the worst one I’ve had in years. It’s at the base of my skull, where normally it’s concentrated in my forehead. 82 more words

Alberta Problems

Living in your Camper in San Francisco

Where can you park your camper?
What kind of camper can you park on the street?

Living in San Francisco is so expensive that many people live in their cars. 641 more words


What a Night

I was sitting on the couch re-sealing a wine bottle I painted when I was seventeen (I’ll post a picture later) and there was this massive gust of wind and I could hear rain on the window. 248 more words


The War on Cormorants

Turns out a lot of people don’t like cormorants. In 1998, nine men stormed Little Galloo Island, located in Lake Ontario, where they systematically trampled and shot almost a thousand birds. 1,557 more words