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Restivo Chiropractic Does Doctor Supervised Weight Loss - Dr. Donna Restivo

The experts at Restivo Chiropractic believe that good chiropractic health is connected to the overall functioning of the body and vice versa. In order to have good chiropractic health, one must be at a healthy weight so they are not imposing too much stress on the back or spinal cord. 221 more words


Take Help of Your Sydney Chiropractor in Ankle Sprain

Ankle joint injuries are among the most usual injuries stated by sporting activities sportsmen. Furthermore, over 40 percent of ankle joint inversion sprain injuries result in chronic ankle instability, which means that addressing this condition effectively is crucial to assisting shield athletes from suffering any sort of additional injury. 241 more words

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Day 21 of being 100-ful

Day # 21 of 100ful days of success, happiness and life changing habits. Develop the habit of PRAYER. This is another building block habit. This is a habit that develops more habits. 130 more words

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Day20 of being 100-ful

Day # 20. MAKE A DINNER. Not just any dinner. This is 5 star restaurant quality. This takes some planning. Make reservation with your dinner quest, partner, friend, or family. 239 more words


Top Foods With More Vitamin C Than an Orange

Without enough Vitamin C, cell growth and circulatory health can be compromised.  Vitamin C is necessary to ensure that the system develops properly and is able to function well every step of the way… 181 more words


Where There’s Smoke…

If you are like most people, you probably tend to measure your level of health by whether or not you are sick. In other words, if you are sick or have obvious symptoms, you consider yourself unhealthy. 459 more words


Kids and Caffeine, a Dangerous Combination!!!!

New research shows that even LOW doses of caffeine have a great effect on kid’s cardiovascular systems.  These findings were published in the journal, Pediatrics. 225 more words