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Inversion Table Pro Series Fitness Chiropractic Table Exercise Back Reflexology

Premium BestFitness Foldable Exercise Inversion Table Item#FE-J02 Inversion therapy puts gravity to work for you by placing your body in line with the downward force of gravity. 143 more words

Sleep never sounded so good until you have been without because of pain.

When you consider just how important sleep is to good health, to go without being able to sleep because of pain will cripple your world, your physical being, mental health, and emotional state. 649 more words


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http://kuhnchiropracticocala.com Chiropractor serving all chiropractic needs including back and neck pains at Kuhn Chiropractic Clinic in ocala. Recognized as the premier chiropractor in the area. For more great resources go to : … 23 more words


How Much Sleep is Too Much?

We all know how important it is to get a good night’s sleep and the detrimental effect on our health if we get too little of it. 483 more words


Joint Dysfunction - Part 4 of 4

by Troy Smith, D.C.

Take a look at the picture of the skeleton on the left. Most likely, this is the posture most of us are in while we are working at the computer, sitting at our desks, or texting on our phones. 544 more words