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Nothing Scarier Than...

What do ‘walkers’ and the chronically Subluxated have in common?  Both are doomed to aimlessly wander the earth more DEAD – than fully ALIVE!

It’s common for those suffering with chronic Subluxations to feel tired, fatigued and disinterested in Life – like they’re barely existing.  96 more words


What are Allergies?

What is an allergy?

An Allergy – is a hypersensitivity to any substance which triggers an auto-immune response, rooting from a disconnect between the bodies nervous system and immune system. 184 more words


The Lows of High Heels: Are they really bad for your health?

It is frightening to think that the festive season is almost upon us and although the nights are drawing-in and the days are getting shorter, the after-work parties are soon to begin meaning party frocks and high heels! 651 more words


Back or Neck Pain? Chiropractic Can Help!

When it comes to chronic back or neck pain, anyone who has looked for help knows that traditional healthcare providers often have few treatment options to offer other than rest, medication or surgery. 666 more words

My Post

upper cervical chiropractic

Brief background:
My husband and I learned about chiropractic in college.  When we got married, we decided my husband would pursue a doctorate in chiropractic.  He began school six months after we married, I began working for a chiropractor two months following.  364 more words


The "5th" Season- Prevent the Common Cold or Flu

Taking medications to treat or prevent cold and flu symptoms does just that: they only address the symptoms. The underlying cause of the illness is still present in your body. 1,080 more words


Proceed cautiously... getting out of pain takes time

Today I was reminded how many paths there are to getting out of pain: primary care docs, orthopedic surgeons and surgery, acupuncture, chiropractor, Pilates, Yoga, or even just Googling it on the internet.  252 more words