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Tuki Carter 'Chirp' x Forte Bowie

Taylor Gang and City of Ink’s own Tuki Carter’s first official single ‘Chirp’.


Tuki Carter- "Chirp" (Produced By Forte Bowie)

Taylor Gang’s Tuki Carter delivers some new music this afternoon with the release of “Chirp”. The song is produced by Forte Bowie and he incorporates a spacey back ground of chanting with a hip-hop drum kit. 9 more words


Bleacher Report

This is a great website to also follow for amazing chirps throughout the regular season of the NHL as well as looking back on previous seasons best chrips of all time. 9 more words

Insult On The & Off The Ice!

We all want to insult or chirp someone on and off the ice with ease. Some have this ability come natural and some have to work hard for it. 70 more words


Vanilla Chirp Ice Cream

Everyone always says that vanilla ice cream is boring and bland. First of all, those people are wrong, and they’re idiots who can’t appreciate the richness of a rarefied flavor. 122 more words


Evening Walk

Evening Walk
Haiku By Susan Marie Molloy

In soft white moonlight
Frog splashes in cool lagoon
Crickets chirp the hour.

©Susan Marie Molloy, and all works within.

Susan Marie Molloy