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I can't even.

Are these not just the cutest little guys you’ve ever seen?

FT857d and CHIRP

I use CHIRP to clone and modify the FT-857D programming.   The 857D has 200 channels – I find these very useful but only use maybe 20 channels. 187 more words


Soil moisture sensor packs an ATtiny44A MCU

Powered by Atmel’s ATtiny44A microcontroller (MCU), Chirp is a plant watering alarm equipped with a soil moisture sensor.

According to a company rep, Chirp uses capacitive sensing as opposed to resistive humidity sensing. 140 more words

Makers Movement

Fuck, it's July already?

Schubas was a good time as usual…. made especially delightful by the last minute addition of Anthony playing the four string bass guitar.  That dude learned all them tunes in a few days and brought the thunder with no sweat.  38 more words

Coffee In Hand Type of Writing

The birds are chirping, singing their song. I am enjoying the sound. An owl hoots near by. Coffee in hand as I write on this serene Tuesday morning. 55 more words

Twitching Challenge Round 2

It’s well past time for round 2 of my Twitching Challenge, so here are the results…

  • Carrion crow (sound, sight) – 2 points.
  • Magpie (sound, sight) – 2 points.
  • 152 more words