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There should be some sort of rule that says you never have to experience a period, cramps, boob pain, etc, unless you have explicitly agreed to it. 82 more words


Mermaid Kisses, Starfish Wishes, and Fishtail Braids!


Fishtail braids have been trending for years now and I have never been able to do it myself, because my braiding skills are still pretty novice but I actually did this while watching Monsters Inc. 53 more words


Mirror mirror on the wall

Not so long ago a friend of mine said to me, friends are the reflection of you, and with these words he got me thinking. 479 more words

Chit Chat

what i love: july

Ohmygod it’s time for the normal spiel about how it’s already the end of the month and HOW?!? and time is moving too fast and blah blah blah. 661 more words


Chit-chat: So much to do, so little time...

Aaah, kuidas ma ei kannata seda, kuidas kõik kasvab üle pea ja koguaeg on nii kiire ja mitte kuidagi mitte kuhugi ei jõua. Nüüd on kirjutamisele nii pikk paus sisse jäänud ja on miljon asja, millest kirjutada tahaks, aga vähemalt pooli ma neist ei mäleta… 1,332 more words


For tomorrow’s blog post, I have to write about things I want to say to an ex. That’ll be tons of fun.


I never realized how much Netflix had taken over my life until now, when I am so broke that I can no longer afford to pay for Netflix until I start working at the bookstore again, or until my Dad finds it in his heart to fork over 8 bucks. 15 more words