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The Chase vs Courting

Chase: 1. the act of pursuing someone or something
Courtship: 1. the wooing of one person by another

From what I have witnessed, courting and chasing someone is often confused. 432 more words


Where Did All the Men Go?

Ever pass a couple walking in the park holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes like two teenagers? Ever walk along the water in New York (or maybe elsewhere) and see a sail boat/or booze cruise of people going by and spot that sickeningly adorable couple toasting their champagne glasses and waving at you across the water with big, stupid grins on their face? 2,684 more words

The Art of Being a Gentleman

It’s been a crazy week at work and I’m here at the laundromat/bar (yep, you read that right a laundromat with a bar in it, or is it a bar with a laundromat? 277 more words

Cat Marhill

Breaking up with Online Dating

Warning, this is a rant. After recent events I have decided online dating is an enormous waste of my time. I’m done. Going to let the cards fall as they may and meet a person the old fashioned way, or not I really don’t care. 505 more words


Chivalry Is Only Dead If You Kill It

I’ve never claimed to be feminist or anti-feminist. I like to think of myself as an “equalist.” Ooh, I can practically hear the angry exclamations from the feminists now.  1,127 more words

Being A Decent Human Being

The Decent Human Being


Once upon a time, people were held to strict social standards. Men and women had different roles in society, and their social customs—manners—were formal and well-defined. 537 more words

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Easter and all that

Even though I’m not particularly religious – raised Catholic, didn’t do that much about it, you know how these things go – I want to wish my new readership a peaceful Easter. 693 more words

Normal Musing