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An imposing castle

Back in 2010, I was lucky enough to go to Bodiam Castle.  To be fair, it is somewhere I had wanted to visit for many years, since I first got a book on castles as a child.  77 more words


Old-Fashioned Romance Never Goes Out of Style

Apparently, I am a fan of old-fashioned romance.  I say apparently, because I didn’t realize this about myself until rather recently.  And, for some reason, it took several different events to help me make this discovery. 999 more words


No, I Wasn't Serious When I Said Let's Split the Check

Is chivalry really dead?

Unfortunately, it’s a question I had to ask myself following a recent date with a young man whose gentlemanliness was on par with that of Al Bundy. 643 more words

Young Professional

Chivalry... Is It Important To You?

One of my friends seems to be in a back and forth battle with her boyfriend of two years, over the topic/need/want of chivalry.

From small gestures like opening the door, pulling out the seat, to little gifts and mystery dates. 414 more words


As Taught

…and are reminded of same if we forget.

Ray Visotski

This Guy is on a Chivalry Crusade

This is especially for my guy readers, but I know that that my lady readers will get something out of this as well.

Now, I’ve talked about Chivalry… but not like this guy is talking about Chivalry. 125 more words


Entry #4 - Regarding Chivalry

Day Five, Post Nadaam

What does it mean, to be a citizen of Albion?

What, exactly, does it mean to be one of the ‘Lions’, as our nation is collectively known amongst the others? 1,242 more words