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Chivalry in a modern world.

We live in a fast paced world, where everybody only thinks about themselves…or at least we think they do.

Ever since my training began, I have been following the typical workers routine, start early and come home in the evening. 342 more words

Relationships And Social Media

There will ALWAYS be another man or even men that believe they can
give her more than you can. There will also ALWAYS be a woman, maybe… 1,523 more words


More on Buddhist on Chivalry

The more I work on the list of training rules that I have come to call the Abhaya-cariya precepts (I ask your indulgence here as I find that there is a certain inspirational power in using names such as “Fearless Conduct”) the less certain I am that it is correct to call them a code of Buddhist chivalry. 371 more words


How Important is Chivalry?

Would you consider chivalry a deal breaker? How about manners? Etiquette? In this vast technology driven world, it seems as if men and woman have become more dependent on shortcuts than ever, chivalry included.   486 more words


This is the final instalment of a 6-volume series which involved a few tips from the guys at Goldman Sachs on being a man. When it boils down to it, you are who you are and as you journey through your life, you will be presented with gems of advice which you can choose to either discard or make use of. 307 more words


Pretty Handsome Awkward

It’s 1am the night after the best day of my life.

I don’t mean that to sound trite, but going to sleep means that the day is over and so I am fighting that urge. 942 more words


Purification of Conduct

May I purify my conduct through the practice of the Five Precepts, the Ten Paramis and by training in the discipline of the Triple Gem. …

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