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Adrienne's Energy Bites

Perfect little bites of energy homemade instead of store-bought bars or bites! Perfect for your kids too!

I used:

1/3 c coconut flakes

1/3 c mini choc chips… 156 more words


Triple Chocolate Cake

I now acclaim this the best chocolate cake in the world. It’s dark, rich, and fudgy, and you will want to eat more and more of it. 207 more words


Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate Mousse

This was SO easy, and turned out to be really good! And if you use dark chocolate chips, it’s vegan! I doubled everything and I still only ended up with 3 glasses of this (glass is pictured). 192 more words


Farmers market monster cookie fail

Maybe I should carry a flashy¬†No Raisins picket sign when I go to the farmers market. Who thinks to ask, “What’s in your monster cookie?” It’s not a trick question. 119 more words


Chunky Monkey "Ice Cream" that you really should try!

Hello :)

Thanks to those who have said they missed posts :) that really REALLY means a lot to me!!! ¬†Well……..I missed it too! It was a fun hobby for me and I am ready to come back to it, tho I may not post very often and it may take me a few weeks to get a post out ~ a sentence here and a sentence there!!! 482 more words


Whole wheat banana zucchini bread [recipe]

Don’t you hate when you have bananas that get more ripe than you like? This recipe puts them to good use. I can barely stand bananas after they stop being green, but now I get excited when our bananas get brown. 266 more words


MIA: Design Caps In DuPont

What is it about rainy days that make us feel unmotivated and lazy? The first rainy day we’ve had in a few weeks, and Zelda’s energy level was near zero. 558 more words