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How To Eat Healthy For Finals Without Going Broke

Finals are approaching, which means long hours in the library and little time for anything else. Often when you’re busy studying, one of the first things to go is your eating habits. 847 more words


Product Review: Hail Merry Macaroons

What does one talk about after a cleanse?  Chocolate!  As I get closer and closer to banishing refined sugar completely from my life, I’ve come to regard Hail Merry as a shining beacon as I cruise the grocery store.  305 more words

Product Review

Things You Need to Check Out

Yes, that brownie recipe will happen. But I’m currently doing a little sugar control after dominating a chocolate cake over the weekend (my no sugar didn’t last very long). 398 more words

Gluten Free

Girl Scout Cookie Redemption

Saturday was a Bad Day.  The sugar cravings had hijacked my brain and I was helpless to stop them.  My inner sugar junkie wanted Girl Scout Cookies.   501 more words

Moderation and Sugarless Fudgy Goodness

Sugar Freedom Week 8 Day 1

**This week’s challenge**
Limit fruit consumption, especially dried fruits.

It’s the home stretch, people! This is the last week of the Sugar Freedom challenge! 534 more words

Food & Drink

Happy belated birfday cake to me

Sugar Freedom Week 7 Day 5

** This week’s challenge **
Eliminate alcoholic beverages, even on St. Patty’s Day.

I’m back!

As I promised earlier today on… 540 more words

Food & Drink

Sugarless Pumpkin Reeses Bites

Sugar Smackdown Week 6 Day 7

It’s a lot more fun tackling this sugar challenge with friends. My sugar buddy, Heather, has been an awesome accountability partner. 304 more words

Food & Drink