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Chocolate covered dried mango rose

Create your own edible art!

Ingredients: toothpicks, chocolate chips, thinly sliced dried mango (the kind that is without sulfate or added sugar. The typical kind are too “thick” to use for making this edible art). 183 more words

Simple Dish

Tazria - a chocolate covered, skin diseased parsha!

Tazria focuses heavily on different situations that relate to ritual purity.  The parsha begins by discussing what happens once a woman gives birth to a child and how the implications of ritual purity factor into her life depending on the gender of the baby.   409 more words

Junk Food Review: Cadbury Dairy Milk + Ritz

Let me start out by saying that I love it when foods do crossovers like this. I’m a sucker for any kinda gimmick, but especially crossovers. 252 more words

Junk Food

Chocolate Covered Cake Bites

The core of this delicious treat is a pound cake. I’m talking about a true pound cake, the recipe from which the name is taken—1 pound each of sugar, flour, butter, and eggs—not the modern “improved” versions with all kinds of leavening and other changes that result in the typical pound cake loaf of today that we all know and love. 646 more words