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Chocolate Milk

Awaiting eagerly for my mum to stock them up

in the fridge older than me

so that I can pour out

the luxurious smothering of warmth… 50 more words


Defense Against Dehydration

Recently the weather in Illinois has been very hot and humid. I have been working out a lot for preseason, and have to be careful about staying hydrated. 177 more words


Bottoms Up

Well I SUPPOSE it’s about time for a REAL post.  Said the pre-retiring mess-making cartoon-drawing officially old lady trying to make sense of this new not-classic mode of creation on Word Press. 686 more words

Prompts And Challenges

The Benefits of Milk as a Recovery Drink

Sorry in advance to any lactose intolerant or vegan readers.  The article talks about skim milk specifically, and touches briefly on lactose intolerance and chocolate milk at the end. 116 more words


Why this popular drink is unhealthy for you!

Chocolate Milk Is Not Healthy: Over the past few years the heavy-weights in the dairy industry have joined forces with independent labs in citing studies that have shown that drinking chocolate milk after exercising as advantageous! 908 more words

Health Articles

Reflecting and Back to School

I finished off week two of marathon training and started week three feeling pretty decent. Other than some soreness from the back to back to back medium length runs, I’ve been okay hanging on to the prescribed pace. 424 more words


What Can Moo Do For You?

Why I love milk…

It’s so delicious! Chocolate milk in cartons is my favorite… it’s a mental thing but it just seems to taste better compared to a plastic jug. 597 more words

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