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Protein for the endurance athlete

For endurance athletes, what you should know about protein, and my answer to the question I get asked often ‘protein shake or chocolate milk?’. Get reading, it is all in there for you, not too much into details, I have tried to keep it simple and easy to read. 616 more words

Health And Fitness

Blue Red Run Half Marathon

It’s been a little while since I’ve raced a half marathon – June actually with an overcast coolish summer day. After that race, I got a registration discount to sign up for the inaugural… 798 more words


Breakfast Meals

Banana, loaf bread, lettuce and cocoa, simple yet nutritious breakfast.

2 Banana

1 Cup of Chocolate milk

1 Meat loaf Sandwich

Meat Loaf

Search for the missing chocolate soy milk...

I discovered a sad thing recently. My favourite milk, So Good’s chocolate soy milk, seems to have been discontinued. As someone who can’t have normal chocolate milk, I appreciated the flavour (it actually tasted like chocolate milk) and it was definitely a cut above the other chocolate soy milks available. 79 more words

Australian Made

The best part of running? Chocolate milk!

Let’s be honest. Unless you’re a weirdo, you have a love/hate relationship with running. I do not understand people that just love everything about running. You know the ones: they can’t wait to go run, they love it the whole time they’re running, and they can’t wait for the next time. 252 more words


Just Some Brutal Honesty on a Thursday Afternoon

“I am failing at everything.” Dave’s puzzled look was accompanied by a tender, “You are being hyper-critical, and I need some specifics.” “Adelaide’s hair always looks disheveled.” I am sure that wasn’t the answer he was expecting. 929 more words


Sugar-Free, Non-Dairy Hot Cocoa / Chocolate Milk

I love this low-calorie delicious treat for dessert. If you’re wondering why I add stevia and xylitol, it’s because I like my chocolate sweet. You could use xylitol by itself, but it takes a lot more to get it as sweet as the combination of the two. 88 more words