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Nice day for a Black Blessing

Black Blessing Chocolate Stout is the latest seasonal offering from Liberty Village Brewing Company (LVBC), who are currently contract brewing out of Cool in Etobicoke.  LVBC is a testament to the entrepreneurial spirit, as all the partners in the start-up work full time jobs while juggling events, putting on tastings, and getting their beers on the rotating and even some full time taps at the city’s better beer bars.   254 more words

Shiner Birthday Beer

Spoetzl Brewery, located in Shiner, Texas was founded in 1909 and is the oldest independent brewery in the state. The brewery produces the popular line of Shiner Beers, including a chocolate stout called “Birthday Beer,” brewed to celebrate their 106th year in business. 215 more words

Bottle King

Shiner Birthday Beer

Shiner Birthday Beer Chocolate Stout 5.0% ABV
American Stout

Holy chocolate, Batman! The 106th anniversary brew from Shiner is something pretty radical from our friends down the highway—a chocolate stout. 341 more words



Hey friends!

Hope your week is going well! It’s Wednesday, so that means if it’s not going well-you only have two days left! You can make it! 472 more words


My Year In Beer 2014

2014 was the year of the beer challenge, where we tried to drink as many unique beers as possible.

With the year over, I can now reveal the full statistical analysis!   228 more words

Merry 4th of Advent

We last few weeks have been busy and unfortunately I’ve had little time to write and post but at least I want to wish everybody out there a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year with lots of good brews and beer!



Beer Chronicles - Young's Double Chocolate Stout

As I mentioned in my review of Guinness Draught, my introduction to drinking beer was through a finer brew — Guinness Draught. I didn’t mess around with swill and then find my way into craft beer later on. 530 more words