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T.H.O.T in the shade

That girl over there
The one with the overdid hair
And make-up like an untamed horse
Her bubble gum chimes in at every chance
Belting melodies of debauchery… 265 more words

Chocolate Thunder

Kill me softly, kill me slow.

Let the water from your hair fall
Down your back and unto your glistening thighs
Let your buttocks shake as earthquakes
Be my Venus
That I may be smitten by your beauty… 87 more words

Chocolate Thunder


I’m a man, so I cheat.
I have no control
Because I was made this way
But I will blame it all
On Eve.

I besiege obeisance from the universe… 111 more words

Chocolate Thunder


Let the spirits of the constellations fall into place
Let them transpire into diurnal eclipses of aspirations
An eternity of wandering in the empty dark… 113 more words

Chocolate Thunder


Know that one day
Your soul shall finally rest
The pulses and vibrations
Will be a sweet soft tune

Know that one day
Your heart shall finally rest… 81 more words

Chocolate Thunder

So often

So often I speak about your lips,
And your dimpled places,
So often I run out of words,
And my pen is left choking.

So often I walk through, 78 more words

Chocolate Thunder