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Last Minute Easter Errands

LACKAWANNA COUNTY—The parking lot is packed at Schiff’s in Dickson City.

“Lot of running around to all the different stores today, so and it’s hectic wherever you go,” said Mary Anne Bordo, who was out with family running last minute Easter errands. 299 more words


Low Carb Nanaimo Bars

Only 2.5 grams net carb per bar


Bottom Layer
½ cup unsalted butter. melted
¼ cup granular sweetener (or sweetener to equal 1/4 cup)

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Fondat Covered Fudge Brownie Cupcakes

I think Fudge Brownie Cupcakes pretty much says it all. A yummy fudgie cupcake recipe that makes up about 6 average size cupcakes great for when you just need a chocolate hit or don’t need to feed a crowd. 251 more words


Mazurek : Easter tart with chocolate ganache , almonds, pecans and butterscotch chips

I’m not very attached to tradition, but when it comes to Easter I need a piece of childhood flavours. One of my traditional Easter treats is Mazurek. 246 more words


Post da noite: Chocolates

Oii lindonas, já que estamos na Páscoa, nada melhor do que falar de chocolates. Hoje vou falar dos que eu mais gosto e alguns que ganhei dos meus pais.  102 more words

Because chocolate and reframing make everything better

I’ve become accustomed to expecting a lovely green hue with my smoothies (or, as my dad gently put it, pond sludge-esque?). Whatever, whatever, they taste delish. 553 more words


Chocolate Chip Cookies - Review

This recipe was nice, but compared to some other chocolate chip cookies I’ve made (and I’ve made a lot) it was quite dry and crumbly. I personally prefer my cookies to be either moist and bendy (but not breaking in your hands) or hard and crisp (but not too hard), but if you like your cookies dry and crumbly then go for it. 222 more words