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Post 24 - Choosing Happiness

Today I choose happiness. Now I choose happiness. In this very moment I choose happiness. But first we need to learn, to experience what happiness is, even if for a moment. 1,139 more words


Mindful Living for a Healthier Body

With Autumn just around the corner I remembered the beauty of the red tree in my back yard. Sitting in my swing under this tree today I stopped and just thought about how blessed I am. 963 more words


I know when I get discouraged over something it is because I have taken ‘my eyes off my goal’ and am focusing on what isn’t working instead. 42 more words

It is a thing to be Achieved.

I have never been a religious person, in fact sometimes i don’t even believe in an almighty power. I guess these ideologies steamed from my personal experiences with life. 250 more words

How to Work Your Butt Off

I called up a friend of mine in Michigan yesterday. After being unemployed for most of the summer, she informed me that she now has a job. 427 more words


Too often in this world do you hear someone say it wasn’t my fault, I had no control, it wasn’t my job. Where do these emotions come from?

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Number nightmare

Daily Prompt:  Nightmare Job

In honor of Labor Day in North America, tell us what’s the one job you could never imagine yourself doing.
Any thing to do with numbers and I am gone… 550 more words

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