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“Someone’s outside!”

Leyla was not allowed to open the door past eight unless the caller was an expected visitor. There were too many instances of crimes against property that the rule of the house was a standard precaution. 606 more words



They can not see beyond the fog

that is all they seek.


They fall altered into pharmaceutical


Mist like creeping mustard gas

poisons their future… 37 more words


The right to choose

So I’m on OkCupid and somehow or the other, I stumbled across this profile (image below). This person is obviously not interested in black men. And she makes it quite clear. 65 more words


Keys Kiss

“Don’t you want your sister to be happy?”

Erika chose the more forested route to take Tommy strolling: they needed more privacy. She could sense that he had a lot of angst in him that should be removed from his system. 590 more words


Learning to create better outcomes

“We’re all great creators. We just don’t always like what we’ve created.” … Terri G.

I think it’s interesting that while Capital “L” Life is busy giving all of us … not only the free will to choose our paths, preferences and options … but also the ability to create our moments and thus our futures … a huge whacking number of people are doing their darndest to give that power away. 267 more words


Death is Life

Feeling raw; uncertain. I’ve been in Seattle for almost half a year. Arrived last minute in June with the intention to attend my friends wedding and depart for my next journey in Central and South America in July. 776 more words

Great Ads, Cont.

I think this is actually kinda good. How do you show the benefits of a product that prevents you from doing something? Besides showing that it gives women the ability to follow their dreams by controlling their bodies, it doesn’t come close to slut shaming them. 7 more words