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DAY 113 (2014)

This officially is my “patients give me advice week”. Since the beginning of the week patients having been refreshing my soul and giving me bits of wisdom (instead of the other way around). 444 more words


Either safety or growth - The choice is up to you

“You will either step forward into growth or backward into safety “ Abraham Maslow

If you knew you had complete control over your life, what would you choose?  

280 more words

No One is Self-Made

All have a master they serve in the end
Cognitive slaves to which choices will bend
We see so little and some even less
Never the Spirit realm do most address… 180 more words

Honey or Blood

I’m constantly switching between
be kind
and take the higher road by forgiving them
burn all the bridges
and let them rot in their own filth and vitriol

Choices, Temptations and Reasons

Yesterday I spoke a bit about temptations and about a couple temptations I have faced. Last night was another such time. My wife sat across from me eating my favorite meal—seaweed, beansprouts, kimchi and rice. 533 more words


One Person ALWAYS Makes a Difference

We all have tragic moments in our lives. Believing that we all have choice in any given moment, we can choose to embrace the negative or the positive aspect of the event. 22 more words


Panties came off the screen and seduced me

Unfaithful husband can’t help his infidelity. “God just made me this way,” he says. Check bounced, blame the bank’s system. A woman shoots her husband and is found innocent, she has “depression-suicide syndrome.”. 121 more words