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I'm On Fire!

Hello Dear Friends,

Just a little status update for you!  I have been super busy bringing in the harvest, literally.  I have not had much meditation time but I could sure feel something going on.   552 more words

My Experiences

Things that will NEVER give up on you.

  1. God
  2. Life
  3. Hope
  4. Love
  5. Inner Demons
  6. Stalkers
  7. Will Power
  8. Courage
  9. Sadness
  10. Happiness
Cant Stop

2 Leaves in the Windshield

Leaves, glorious leaves. I can’t get enough of their vibrancy. Here in Colorado we have some trees that aren’t deciduous and they stay dark and green year round. 484 more words

Why I like superhero movies

From childhood, I have enjoyed watching superhero movies. Yes, they are make-believe, defy common sense, and are pure fantasy. But that’s what makes them all the more interesting. 307 more words


Attributes of Indecency

As a blogger, I believe I am entitled to write whatever I want. I may not be as experienced as any of the ‘power bloggers’, but I still have my own voice, and my own stories. 421 more words


YOUR CHOICE ( 2014 )

I am the vision you once knew

When you believed dreams could come true

I am the hope born in your heart

When life first had its fragile start. 45 more words


The Things Yet Unseen

Faith is a choice. Trust is a choice. To live in His will is a choice. To walk in the spirit is a choice. To believe in what you cannot see is a choice. 285 more words