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Card Worthy

I love getting Christmas cards.  My favorites are those that have annual pictures of kids or pets that show a year’s worth of growth…….and my other favorites are those with glitter……and my other favorites are those with personalized notes inside…..and my other favorites……well, you get the point. 478 more words


Yesteryear and the Smile

“May your days merry!”
she called
Gloom fell in the distance,
darkened her heart where
she hadn’t invited it,
but the opportunities zeroed
and her resistance went unnoticed. 69 more words


I've Learned; Family

You can’t own God’s creations

you can’t steal his children

we are free

you are not.

you create your own chains

there is so much to enjoy… 120 more words

I've Learned; Society

Shouldn’t have to tell you twice

to not tell me twice

and to take my meds

Project onto me your anxieties

as I’m fearless

and not scared of anything anymore… 112 more words

Yeasterday Ended Last Night

    I felt set free when I first read this quote. I also found encouragement on a few different levels. I found a renewed courage to challenge myself to continue learning new things each year. 374 more words

No Hook Up Here

Referrals can be awkward.
A few weeks ago my cousin sent me a message about a guy she thought I would mesh well with. I looked him up on Facebook, no glaring signs on his Facebook account and said sure, if he’s interested, we should chat. 175 more words