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A young man, a police officer and human nature...

Recent events in a suburb of St Louis have monopolized the news. A young black man was shot by a white police officer. That’s about all we know of the situation. 1,594 more words


The Difficulty of Choosing Happiness

There should be nothing easier in this world than doing what’s good for you.  What does it require, really?  Following your own health and happiness?  Doing what feels right and good, both during and after the act?  1,175 more words

God's Itinerary

Then Moab shall be ashamed of Chemosh, as the house of Israel was ashamed of Bethel, their confidence.  Jeremiah 48:13

It was time to fly home yesterday after a lovely visit in Loma Linda with Eric and Lindsay, my son and daughter-in-law. 575 more words


Burning Bridges

What does the phrase ‘Burning Bridges’ mean to you? Looking it up I see it can mean a couple of different things…
One way to look at is….you should have a view and approach to the future that is positive and optimistic and forget about past mistakes and guilt. 97 more words


Beauty in the Old

On Monday I wrote of an elderly lady down the road from my home. She never smiled, never said hello or thank you and was always seemingly a very unpleasant woman…until… 641 more words

The Dilemma

Since graduation, I have been casually applying for jobs. I know what to expect especially since I had to hunt for an internship the previous year. 773 more words

The Power of Place

Where you live may be an accident of birth or may be a life path decision made to get an education, grab a job opportunity or to follow your heart.   548 more words

Life Decisions