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Barb's Race, part 2: Race Day

Barb’s Race and the Vineman course are a bit different than some courses. The swim is in the Russian River, starting at Johnson’s Beach.  T1 is also there but then T2 is at Windsor High School.  1,535 more words


When do you decide that enough is enough?

I had a job interview this morning. The first job interview in a while, but I wasn’t worried. I thought the job was in the bag, because someone told me, after reading my resume, that I was a rare find in this area. 659 more words


Mistakes vs. Choices

Recently my friend called me in tears.  She said “I did something, something bad” and that she needed someone to talk to.  She had “made a mistake” a few months ago and had been keeping it inside.   460 more words


We all have choices to make; everyday.  Some choices may be easy, insignificant, and small.  Those are the best kind.  They don’t change your course in life, one way or another; the choice doesn’t really matter.   434 more words


Your Task

“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”  Rumi… 233 more words


Skin of Glass

My skin is delicate glass waiting to shatter
It trembles when trying to get fixed
It burns when it’s being loved

It has been protecting my heart for far too long… 38 more words


Summer Sausage

One thing that we occasionally miss being GAPS is summer sausage.  Honestly, I think we probably wouldn’t miss it so much, except that my husband is non-GAPS (as in, he eats everything), and so when he eats summer sausage, I am reminded of the fact that we don’t.  206 more words

Tips For Healthy Eating