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Hold that thought

Well I can’t sleep but I’ve had all day after I worked for a few hours and I’m finally able to get my brain to settle down and not think about too many things half of which don’t even relate to me. 425 more words

The Most Powerful Law in the Universe...

  You and I are the creator of our own experience whether aware of it or not. Every moment you are offering a vibration into the universe and the universe is responding to that vibrational offering. 373 more words


Why do I Run?

I didn’t write this. The author is unknown. YOU DON’T HAVE TO BE A RUNNER TO UNDERSTAND IT! I use it in my workshops to demonstrate that the only way to increase our sense of personal power and self-efficacy is to challenge ourselves on a daily basis. 309 more words


More Love

If I had a dollar for every time I stuffed my face the night before I claimed to be starting a diet, I’d have enough dollars to afford yearly liposuction or a tiny man to follow me around and slap food out of my hand. 1,076 more words

The Calm Before The Storm

There’s something comforting to me in an incoming thunderstorm. The power of it just encompasses everything and overwhelms me. The cool breezes coming down and carrying away the heat and humidity of the day. 524 more words


Heart or Mind - Solomon's Choice

Last night I was watching a show about the technology created during and for World War One which enabled mankind to kill each other in the greatest acts of butchery mankind had ever known up till then. 635 more words



This was probably the first lesson I learnt about health and nutrition way back when I was a little tacker. My understanding didn’t really go much further than the doughnut I ate for afternoon tea becoming the palm of my hand, but as I have grown older I have begun to understand more and more about what this phrase really meant. 367 more words