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Funeral Held For Eric Garner, Man Who Died After Being Choked By NYPD

NEW YORK (AP) — An overflow crowd packed a church and sang songs on Wednesday at the funeral of a man who died in police custody after an officer placed him in an apparent chokehold. 638 more words


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R.I.P. Eric.Butterfly_tears_by_Dandelion_lion

Eric Garner was killed by Police because he refused to let them violate his rights.

In his words: “I was just minding my own business. Every time you see me you want to mess with me. I’m tired of it. It stops today!” 110 more words

Gramps is fed up with police killing innocent people and loses it. Big Ups to Gramps.

In the latest installment on “Cops Kill Americans”, a black male dies after being choked by police who wished to handcuff him so they could question him for selling illegal cigarettes. 88 more words


I do not believe in soul mates anymore. As he pours out his emotions, I am tempted to absorb–but none of those feelings originate within me. 326 more words


Service Dog was Supposed to be Trained for Pica

According to our Service Dog contract with Pawsitive Service Dog Solutions, one of the tasks that the dog was to be trained for was Pica.  For those of you who do not know what Pica is:  Pica is the persistent eating of nonfood substances such as dirt, bark, ink, paint, toothpaste, chalk, soap, etc..that have no nutritional value.  175 more words

6-24-2014 | Dream Fragments | A Woman Gets Attacked Twice In A Public Aquarium-Like Shower/Bathtub Room

Dream 1

I did not voice record my dreams and so I forgot several of my dreams when I went back to sleep except for barely part of two dreams, and the end of the first dream took place inside a windowless dimly lit apartment/dorm-like building with… 703 more words


“ Looking For Place ” ~ to hide ~

Looking for place

To hide,

One that’s as long

As wide,

A place for feelings

Yet rigidly raw,

In state that needs

A while to thaw, 55 more words

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