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Beans and Peas Lower Cholesterol

A recent six week trial published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal evaluated over 1,000 patients and shown that just one serving of legumes (peas, beans, chickpeas, and lentils) can decrease one’s total LDL by 5 percent. 42 more words

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Margarine to Lower Cholesterol? - Only Some Can Help.

A few brands have passed FDA’s approval and are allowed to make the claim that they will help lower cholesterol.  No margarine contains cholesterol itself unless it contains dairy products, because cholesterol is only an animal product.  279 more words

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Wow, even those doctors are starting to wake up to a generation of misinformation from the “healthcare” and pharmaceutical industries. It appears that cholesterol is not the enemy, nor saturated fat. 164 more words


Day 25 (65 days left on the Candida Diet and self improvement exercise)

The dogs are staring with their sad little eyes wondering if we will ever do something fun again.  I do feel sorry for my dogs because I live in a townhouse and they are really stuck inside unless I take them outside.  477 more words

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Garlic Matters

Garlic is one of the world’s oldest food and medicines. Since at least 1500 BC, Chinese and Indians have used it as a blood thinner. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, used it to treat cervical cancer. 647 more words

Glucomannan And Weight Loss

Weight and Health Benefits of Glucomannan

Glucomannan is the root of a plant in Asia known as konjac .It is used widely in Japan where they call it the broom of the intestines. 455 more words