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Final Magazine Evaluation

I think that my finished front cover fits the brief accordingly and would successfully communicate to its intended audience. The intended audience being subscribers to Creative Review magazine, creatives and visual culture enthusiast. 423 more words


Front cover development

This is my the development process for my front cover. I started of with an image I found online of the Virgin Mary in order to get a quick layout. 351 more words


Inspiration for my Cover Illustration

I have always enjoyed drawing but I never had the opportunity to do a proper (not something created using MS paint) digital illustration until earlier this year that I used Illustrator for the first time. 559 more words


Initial ideas for front cover

These are my initial sketches for my cover design. I wanted to come up with several ideas each representing different signifying practices of my subculture. Having more ideas also helps eliminate the bad ones and usually the first idea that comes to your head has probably been done a thousand times. 154 more words


On My Porch, There She Is


It’s loud as fuck. Pissed off, I swing the door open…”WHAT THE FUCK? Who knocks like that??”

I just realized that I was in a trailer.   1,443 more words

Dreams Of Mine


The word Cholo derives from the Aztec word ‘xolotl’ meaning humanoid creature with dog features, used as a slur by the

Spanish during the 16th century to refer to individuals of mixed or pure indigenous ancestry. 970 more words