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With the Wild

There is a world out there filled with adventure and glory; there is a world filled with business and longing. There isn’t enough time for adventure if you must work to survive. 143 more words

Back to the Wild

Now, I must embark on a journey to enlighten my soul and heal all of the wounds suffered over the many years. The dedication and courageousness it will take to face the past years; to let them go. 39 more words

Yay Friday!!!

100 Happy Days – Day 9
Yay for lazy days – sitting around watching Doctor Who (9th Doctor) all day and doing nothing.

Still no news on the hearing.   53 more words

100 Happy Days

Lazy Day

100 Happy Days – Day 9
Saw our new backyard groundhog today.  I think we startled each other.  No photo though.

Didn’t do much searching today – felt sick most of the morning.   21 more words

100 Happy Days

Choosing Happy

Taking a cue from a facebook friend and in lieu of my recent circumstances, I am going to try to make a conscious effort to find something happy every day. 46 more words

100 Happy Days

A Great Day

Just wait…something wonderful is gonna happen!! Be ready!!!