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Fruit of the Spirit Series: JOY

Second fruit of the Spirit: JOY

Joy is deeper than happiness. It is something that one feels despite of grim circumstances. It is one of the marks of a Spirit-filled heart that even in the midst of pain, confusion, problems, one rejoices or still chooses to rejoice, because he knows that behind all those things, there’s something to hope for and to be joyful about. 137 more words


Joy is a Choice.

No really, Joy is a CHOICE.  How you look at things is up to you.  You can’t control the circumstances, but you sure can control how you react and feel about them. 452 more words

Nobody to Somebody to Nobody

Everyone wants to be “someone.”

To be “good enough.”

To be loved.

But what I’m learning right now is that to be the biggest somebody, you have to become a nobody. 161 more words


On the Pursuit of Happiness

Let’s talk about happiness for a minute.

You find what makes you happy, and you do that. Over and over again, adding new things to the list as they bring you joy… 695 more words


Book Study: Choose Joy by Kay Warren - Intro & Chapter 1

This semester, the ladies at my church are studying Kay Warren’s book Choose Joy. I decided to post my thoughts here for those weeks, like this one, that I cannot make it to book study. 420 more words


Emotional Roller Coasters

The last couple of weeks have felt like such an emotional roller coaster, and I am feeling a little worn out by it all.

I started on a low because celebrations always lead to a brief reality check that my dad, after almost five years of him being gone, still isn’t here to celebrate things with us. 487 more words

Good Times

choose joy | vol. 2

Oh, my goodness … insert my personality into an adorably squishy baby listening to her favorite song, and this is what you get. Enjoy!! 20 more words