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10 Quotes That Will Help You Through Your 20-Something Crisis

Everyone must accept that at some point life is an ever evolving escapade of learning and unlearning. I despise it when asked the “where do you see yourself in 5-10 years?” My way of thinking is that if I can answer it straight then I most likely don’t have a clue what I want. 973 more words

Dont's to Do (Choosing a College)

Hey guys! My poll didn’t get many participants so I decided to switch up the topic a little. Thinking back over my college years, I realize there are a few things that I wished I would have done differently. 773 more words

Why I Chose SPEA

In high school, while I was at the peak of my college search, I can recall seeing a story on TV about a Cornell professor who had a video of him berating a student for yawning in class go viral. 641 more words

20 Tips and Questions to Consider when Visiting College Campuses

20 Tips and Questions to Consider when Visiting College Campuses

For many high school seniors, by the time they read this blog, they will have received offers from the colleges they have applied to.  585 more words
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Final Thoughts on Choosing a College

I’ve decided to close out this blog (for the reasons set forth in my last post). In closing, I’ve written a letter that I’d feel comfortable sharing with any high school student (or parent of one) who’s about to embark on his or her search for the “right” college. 3,719 more words

Quality Of Colleges

Changing Colleges? Four Things to Consider Before Making a Move

If you are student who is thinking about changing colleges, you need to think about the costs in time, money and college credits before you decide to switch. 510 more words

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How to choose a college after acceptance letters arrive

Jon Fortenbury, Schools.com

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College admissions letters are beginning to trickle in. Pretty soon, you’ll know everywhere you’ve been accepted and denied.

Not long after that is the May 1st national response day, when students are traditionally expected to decide on a college. 793 more words