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Campus Culture Really Does Matter

Campus cultures vary considerably. And if a parent needs proof of this, just read the Rolling Stones story that hit the newsstand yesterday, titled A Rape on Campus: A Brutal Assault and Struggle for Justice at UVA. 381 more words

Quality Of Colleges

A degree in health and physical fitness education prepares students for a career assisting others in recreation centers, schools, resorts, health clubs and more. As people continue to place emphasis on the importance of fitness, career opportunities are becoming more readily available. 1,210 more words

University Of Michigan

College and Post-College Careers 101 - A Letter to my Younger Self

First off let me say, that when I took up drinking as my hobby, I had one of the worst hangovers that I’ve ever had. I let go of the hard drinking for now, and just have a glass when I’m feeling really depressed. 2,166 more words

Dreams Deferred

So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur

I can’t tell you exactly how many college students I’ve spoken with who want to be an entrepreneur. But it’s a lot. I suppose it’s because they think entrepreneurs get rich. 53 more words

Choosing A College

Not Getting into Your First Choice

We’re getting to that time of the year when colleges send out their acceptance letters and, unfortunately their denial letters as well to many young hopefuls. 887 more words


Education Debt Increases Unabated

The mean and median levels of education debt burdening young families (those with heads of household younger than 40) have risen precipitously this century. Nearly… 402 more words

Choosing A College

Best Places To Go To College

The 2014-15 College Destination Index (CDI), developed and recently published by The American Institute for Economic Research (AIER), is a helpful aid in choosing a college. 160 more words

College Fit