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Choosing Wisely Canada Fosters Active Patient Participation

An emergency medicine specialist with more than 25 years of professional experience, Dr. Loren Caira works to provide residents of Burns Lake, British Columbia, with high-quality healthcare at the Lakes District Hospital and Health Centre. 151 more words

Loren Caira

This Past Week

This past week, I took a “quasi-vacation”. I worked five and a half hours or so and left at noon each day.  The afternoons off were used to take care of some trivial things.  483 more words


Choosing Wisely For Better Patient Care

 by Kirsten Stoesser

Primum non nocere.

First, do no harm. Nearly every medical student in our nation pledges to abide by these words as part of the Hippocratic Oath upon graduation from medical school.  902 more words

Cardiology Group Withdraws 'Choosing Wisely' Recommendation

In the end it wasn’t wisdom for the ages. The American College of Cardiology said today that it was withdrawing one of its five recommendations in  103 more words

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The power of tacos... A tip for ordering at Mexican restaurants

Going out to eat when you have SIBO is an uphill battle, it’s rare to leave a good dinner without feeling bloated, gassy and bubbly. The waiters usually assume you are just another “gluten allergy” trend follower and are annoyed by your requests. 324 more words


“Choosing Wisely” is anything but wise | Common Ground

My colleague, Alan Cassels, writes an excellent essay on our over-medicalized culture, and the Choosing Wisely initiative. This essay originally appeared in Common Ground magazine. 8 more words

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