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Food Porn Friday Episode 4: Spain

Hola. Hattie está en Barcelona. So here’s a little brunch, Spanish style.

I know what you’re asking. What would Jamie Oliver eat if he were cooking brunch in Spain? 264 more words


Plenty of Windsor

On a cold rainy Melbourne morning, we went to brunch as we do, and ended up at this quaint little cafe called Plenty of Windsor. Located on the busy Chapel St (but down the quieter end) this little cafe was filled with people getting out of the cold to enjoy a delicious breakfast. 281 more words


Chorizo and Pepper Frittatas

So I’ve been pretty terrible at blogging recently. The main reason for for my lack of posts is that I was on holiday in Egypt for a week, which was amazing. 528 more words


Recipe: Chorizo and Rucola pastry roulés

Get the Original Recipe here (in French)

Eat Good, Feel Good!
Bon Appétit 118 more words


Autumn flu

I was up all night caughing, so today I decided to spend the day home in order to get better. I have the classic “back-to-school” flu. 61 more words


I'm Sick Soup

We’ve all just come down with our first colds of the season and we’re just a couple of weeks past Labor Day. It’s all due to my renewed efforts to make it to actual classes at the gym – when the childcare is crowded – rather than just doing my own (less effective) thing during the quiet mid-afternoon. 952 more words