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Walk in someone else's shoes

Good leaders are always looking for areas of improvement, even when their business is on a successful run. Adjustments can lead to longer periods of success, or add a crucial point or two to profit margins. 212 more words

Chris Anderson

Growth 150X faster than Facebook worth noting

Social media can be a tough marketing nut to track. The playing field changes quickly, and a new player or approach seems to surface just as you settle on a strategy. 180 more words

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Web Review 3: The Impact of Twitter on Journalism

Wanting to be a journalist now is very different than being a journalist 10 years ago. A journalist job use to be one of gathering, analyzing the news, and writing a new-worthy article. 203 more words

Dramatic surveillance video released in deadly shooting at Illinois hospital

Highland Park, IL (WGN) — Dramatic surveillance video has been released in the armed confrontation at a north suburban hospital in which Highland park police shot and killed a man who was threatening staff members with a gun. 305 more words


Ken Duckworth Hosts Catcher in the Rye Event

Michelle and Mandy

Ken Duckworth moderated a packed house at The Eastern Point Lit House Writer’s Book Club event, held at Duckworth’s on Sunday evening. Ken did a superb job both leading the lively and interesting discussion about… 153 more words


Pink Room concept finds far-away followers

The Pink Room Story just keeps getting better.

Turns out our Pink Rooms are leading to the creation of another Pink Room – and having implications beyond what we ever imagined. 232 more words

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